Simple Guide to Lighting Your Backyard Space

Guide to Lighting Your Backyard Space

Choosing the right lighting for your outdoor space is essential for both security and functionality. Outdoor lighting is trending more these days thanks to new technology that helps us create a cozy outdoor space while cutting down on electricity. From flood lights that keep your backyard safe to spotlights that showcase your beautiful garden after dusk, there are many ways to use lighting to suit your every need.…

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Outdoor Rope Lights: 8 Creative Ideas to Transform Your Business Display

Outdoor Rope Lights

Nothing creates such a bad first impression as a horrible display. 

Thankfully, business owners don’t have to spend exorbitant amounts of money on outside displays. In fact, they can use some of the most basic and inexpensive materials available to create breath-taking designs that will draw customers. 

Chances are you have outdoor rope lights lying around in storage.…

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