10 Halloween Lighting Ideas to Spook the Neighborhood

In 2016, Americans spent an estimated $8.4 billion on Halloween.

That number includes everything from candy and costumes to decorations and greeting cards and proves just how seriously we take our holidays.

This year’s Halloween is another great opportunity to show your friends just how much you love the holiday spirit. Whether you want to dazzle trick-or-treaters or give your competitive neighbors a run for their money, you want your house’s decorations to stand out.

Incorporating Halloween lighting into your decorations is a guaranteed way to catch everyone’s eye. Maybe you want to create a scary, haunted house look or stick to the classic pumpkins and ghosts.

Either way, read on for ten tips that will get you ready to light up the night on October 31.

1. Create a Ghostly Pathway

There are few things as scary as the idea that you’re being haunted by ghosts who are following with every step you take.

You may not actually be able to get ghostly spirits to visit your Halloween display, but you can make sure your trick-or-treaters feel surrounded by them as they approach for their candy.

Sets of pathway ghost lights are perfect for setting the tone of your Halloween house. Place them in a line on either side of the walkway up to your door, or scatter them throughout your lawn in small clusters.

Kids of all ages will be on their best Halloween behavior when they know that they’re being watched by spirits from the beyond.

2. Choose a Festive Color Scheme for Your Halloween Lighting

Black is the classic Halloween color, but black lights decorating the outside of your house may not stand out well when it’s already a dark night.

Mini string lights in purple and orange will make it easy for trick-or-treaters to spot your house from a distance, and lets everyone in the neighborhood know that you’re full of holiday spirit.

Sold in sets of 100 with end-to-end plugs, these lights make it easy for you to frame your house, line your walkway or even wrap your trees so you can put your love for Halloween on full display.

3. Let the (Fake) Flames Flicker

You know that feeling of sitting around a flickering campfire, listening to a ghost story and trying hard not to be scared, even as you can feel your heart rising in your throat? Wouldn’t you love to create that ambiance with Halloween lighting?

Well, you can. Flickering lights in purple and amber cast that middle-of-the-woods, campfire glow. Choose all of one color or mix and match, and prepare for a night of flickering light and classic scary tales.

4. Welcome Your Visitors with a Spooky Message

A Halloween-themed message is a great way to spread the holiday spirit to your neighbors, friends, and costumed visitors.

As darkness falls on Halloween night, use an LED message board and LED markers to make sure your words get across.

Cycle through multiple colors or set it to be the same throughout the night. A spooky poem or phrase is a fun way to welcome guests, but a simple “Happy Halloween” will always do the trick too.

5. Light Up Mason Jar Luminaries

If you want a more gothic look for your Halloween decorations, black lace mason jar luminaries are the perfect touch.

Start by covering your desired number of mason jars with decoupage, then wrap black lace pieces tightly around them. Leave at least 24 hours for the decoupage to dry.

Just before setting your luminaries out, fill each one with an LED light. Use the luminaries to line your pathway or front steps. The black lace will achieve that gothic feel you’re going for and create patterned shadows on the surface as the light shines through.

6. Set Up a Haunted Graveyard

Decorative headstones and other graveyard accessories are Halloween classics.

If you plan on setting these items up in your yard for Halloween, you want to make sure that they’ll be visible even after the sun goes down and the night gets dark.

Setting up LED string lights around your other decorations will make them glow in the dark and creates a spooky effect that your early evening trick-or-treaters will love just as much as your late nighters.

7. Light Up the Scariest Spider Web on the Block

What’s scarier than a spider web? How about one that’s three feet wide? This LED

This LED spider web with net lighting may be fake, but it comes with a creepy factor that is very real, and perfect for Halloween. Set it up over your garage door or the side of your house.

You’ll get a sense of satisfaction seeing even the oldest in crowd shiver as if they can really feel the spider crawling on them.

8. Give Fog the Faintest Glow with LED Lights

If you’re already planning to go all out by incorporating fog into your Halloween display, don’t stop short of using LED lights to give it a hint of a colorful glow.

Fog billowing from your bushes or pouring out from behind a decorative display can make trick-or-treaters feel as if they’re entering a haunted forest. And when that fog has a tint of green or an orange glow, it’s enough to let imagines run wild as to what might lurking further within.

9. Use Light to Draw Attention to the Dark

Setting up your Halloween lighting so that all the glow is directed to one area is a great way to make the night’s darkness seem even darker.

Lights can be used to create an arch or tunnel, and the darkness below that brightly lit marquee will be all the more noticeable to whoever is dropping by on Halloween night.

Even those who aren’t usually afraid of the dark will be caught up with thoughts of what could be looming in the blackness.

10. Don’t Forget the Jack-o-Lantern

It may not be the scariest decoration out there, but the Jack-o-Lantern is a Halloween classic that no home is complete without. You don’t have to be an expert carver — two eyes and a toothy grin will do — but you do want it to glow.

LED lights are a safer option than candles and they last longer so your pumpkin can be lit from within all night long.

Ready to Start Shopping for Halloween Lighting?

Halloween will be here before you know it, so now is the time to start planning your decorations. Explore our collection of LED lights to make all of your holiday decorating ideas a reality.

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