ARTISON combines audio and LED lighting controls into single wireless system

ARTISON combines audio and LED lighting controls into single wireless system.In an development that will have concert sound gurus everywhere jumping for joy, ARTISON has announced a joint venture with Osram Sylvania to create the MusicLite. This system will allow concert planners and musicians to combine a wireless speaker with state-of-the-art LEDs to improve their stage presence and reduce the amount of gear needed for gigs.

Instead of having to fumble with multiple power strips and cords, the MusicLite will allow performers to control the light and the speakers by simply plugging it in. The unit features a 10-watt LED bulb and includes a wireless audio receiver that can connect to just about any audio source.

"Pairing our expertise in lighting with ARTISON's expertise in sound has allowed us to work together to create an innovative home audio experience that combines space-saving functionality with the luxury of surround sound," said Frank St. Onge, product marketing manager for Osram Sylvania.

While the MusicLite is a major breakthrough for the music industry, amateur musicians can create a jaw-dropping display with LED strip lights. These colorful fixtures can attach to the underside of speakers, turn tables and other products with the aid of their 3M adhesive strips.  

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