British cycling company debuts glowing LED bike tires

British cycling company debuts glowing LED bike tires.In what it is calling an "unprecedented safety measure," cycling company Tristam has created glowing LED bike tires called Cyglos, which could revolutionize the industry. According to, the company has found a way to embed small LED lights into the sidewalls of bike tires to protect cyclists riding at night.

The design is a trailblazer because it operates on renewable power generated by the cyclist, instead of a battery. The lights are powered by the rotation of the wheels, and can be left on permanently or can be switched to flashing.

The new bike lights will allow cyclists to have permanent running lights during the day and night, and will work far more effectively than standard reflectors! The design has already been patented in the U.S. and U.K., and they may just work their way onto automobiles in the near future.

LEDs may look pretty spiffy on bike tires, but they'll look even better at your summer barbecues! LED rope lights are made from durable PVC pipe to endure the elements and come in many assorted colors. They're an easy way to jazz up your backyard patio space with energy-efficient lighting.  

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