Your Guide to Upgrading to LED T8 Lighting Tubes

upgrading to led t8 tubes

Standard fluorescent T8 lighting in office buildings often provide harsh light, are inefficient, are easily damaged, and need frequent replacements. Your business deserves better.

T8 lighting has come a long way in the past few years and now LED T8s are available. These LEDs could be the improvement to your workplace that you’ve been looking for.

These T8s are a more energy efficient option for your business. They provide more light, can improve workplace productivity, and will save you money.

These are a few of the many reasons to switch your T8 lighting tubes to LEDs. We’ve compiled this list so that you can learn about the many benefits of these great lights.

More Efficient

Most people know that LEDs are more energy-efficient than fluorescent or incandescent bulbs. But, many people do not know how much more efficient they are.

According to Temple University, LED T8 lighting tubes “are 66 percent more energy efficient than standard fluorescent bulbs, their predecessors. LED tubes also last 40 percent longer.” These bulbs will improve your workplace while conserving energy at the same time.

The conversation about energy efficiency in the workplace is being had more often. LED lighting is absolutely a part of that conversation. If your business wants higher standards of sustainability, then you should consider LEDs.

More Light

Another reason LED lights will benefit your business is that they output more light than other lighting systems. LED lights “give out more light per unit than fluorescent lighting.”

Using LEDs will give you improved color options for your workplace. Options such as cool, warm, and natural whites. These more finely tuned options will allow your business to create the unique atmosphere you want in your workplace.

The improved brightness and color features of the T8 will be easier on the eyes of your employees and your customers. This will improve the experience of your business and attract more people to return to your company.

Directional Light

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of the LED T8 is its directional lighting capabilities.

Directional lighting means that you can direct the light to go exactly where you want it to go. This eliminates the problems of spreading out your light too thin over large areas or the light not going where you need it to. These issues with fluorescent lights often make offices feel dark or washed out.

With these lighting tubes, you will be able to create the exact atmosphere you want in your workplace with cost-effective bulbs. And you’ll no longer have to deal with any of the problems with other lighting systems.

Longevity & Low-Maintenance

One of the best things about the LED T8 is that you won’t have to change it as often as other office lightbulbs. LED lights last for about 50,000 hours of lighting as opposed to the 24,000 hours of fluorescent lighting.

Most LED lights can last 7-25 times longer than other lighting systems. Your business won’t have to worry about replacing or maintaining them anywhere near as often as bulbs you’ve had in the past.

They also have higher durability than other lighting systems and are less susceptible to damage. If your company would like to be a little more hands-off with your lighting system, then the T8 is the lighting tube for you.

Works In All Temperatures

If you keep your workplace at a colder temperature and you use fluorescent lights, you may have noticed that “a higher voltage will be needed to start your lamp, and the light won’t look as intense as it normally does.”

This can be inefficient for businesses that like to keep the workplace cooler. However, an LED will actually improve in a cooler temperature. If your lights are open to the elements, switching to a LED will be much better for you as they are far more durable.

For businesses that like to keep it cool, LED lighting tubes are a must-have for your workplace.

Can Improve Productivity

Did you know that using LED T8 lighting tubes in your work environment can actually improve the overall productivity of your workplace?

They can have a positive effect on your employees’ sleep cycle, mood, and even their perception and cognition. Studies have shown that “LED lights enhanced wakeful states, increased positive moods and accelerated performance.”

The LED T8 is a great option for any business owner or employer who is seeking new cost-effective ways to improve employee productivity. If you install these LEDs, you will begin to notice an improvement in the overall atmosphere of your workplace as well as an improvement in your employees’ attitudes.


Purchasing LED T8 lighting tubes may seem to be more costly in the moment, but long-term they will save you a lot of money.

As we’ve already discussed, LED lights are more durable and last significantly longer than fluorescent and incandescent lights. This means you won’t have to replace your lighting fixtures as often as you used to once you make the switch.

Because LEDs don’t use as much energy, you will also be saving money on your electrical payments. The efficiency and longevity of these great lighting tubes will shave off a significant amount of your energy bill, allowing you to allocate those resources elsewhere.

Let Us Know Your LED T8 Questions!

We hope that this list of the benefits of LED T8s has been helpful and informative. We would love for you to explore our catalog for several different T8 options for your business.

If you have any questions about LEDs, T8s, or if you have any other office lighting needs, please contact us! We’ll help you learn more about how your business can start saving money and energy in your lighting system.

Why You Should Invest in LED Lights for Your Business

Are you thinking about getting LED lights for your business? You’re already familiar with LED technology.

It lights up your cell phone, which is a good thing for several reasons. For one, it doesn’t get hot and burn you when you pick it up. And it emits enough light to help you find the keyhole when you come home late at night.

But LED lighting for your business is more than just an illuminating idea. it’s a smart solution for your lighting needs.

That’s why sales of light emitting diode systems or LEDs has skyrocketed in recent years. LED systems account for half of all lighting sales and are expected to be the industry leader by end of 2020.

LED lighting offers many benefits for your business. Read on to find out how switching to LED lights for your business is a good investment.

LED Lights For Business Are Energy-Efficient and Cost-Effective

You may dread opening the electric bill for your business every month. Ouch! It can hurt.

While you’ve got to have lights, there are things you can do to reduce the cost. The most dramatic reduction in cost would come from switching to LED lights for business.

Because LED lights use less wattage, your business would use 75% less energy than with incandescent lights. Cutting your energy use would certainly save you money. And saving money increases profits.

The savings on energy costs will offset the initial cost of switching to an LED lighting system. Marriot switched to LED lights and saw savings of $120,000 each year in energy and maintenance costs. They calculated an ROI of 2 years for covering their upfront costs.

The potential for savings increases when lighting control options are added. Options like occupancy sensors and dimmers reduce energy use, making LED lights for business a smart energy-efficient choice.

Another benefit of LED lights is the low heat output in comparison to other systems. Less heat means less burden on HVAC systems, especially during summer months

When it comes to saving money with LED lighting, the potential is high. The Department of Energy estimates that if everyone switched to LED lights, the U.S. would see a savings of $250 billion over the next couple of decades.

Durability and Low Maintenance

Lighting systems using older technology are costly and inefficient. They are susceptible to breakage and damage.

LED lights last 25 times longer than incandescent lights and up to 7 times longer than fluorescent lights.

And they’re low maintenance. LED lights produce 50,000 hours of lighting as compared to 2,000 hours of lighting with other systems, so you won’t have to change them as often.

LED technology continues to improve, and the price has decreased over the years. This combination makes LED lights for business a wise decision.

Use of LED lights is a good choice for outdoor lighting as well. Besides adding curb appeal to your business, the lights are durable. They are also a safe choice because they don’t get hot enough to cause a burn.

Another plus is that insects are less likely to be attracted to LED lights. The different wavelength used by LED lights repels insects.

Finally, LED lights can have extended warranties from 5 to up to 10 years. This durability ensures you won’t have to replace your lighting system for a while.

Convenient, Safe, and Eco-Conscious

LED lights for business are increasing in popularity. Here are various features that appeal to consumers:

  • Convenient
  • Flexible
  • Compact
  • Safe
  • Green

The LED technology focuses light in one direction, so you don’t need diffusers or reflectors to trap the light. You can optimize any space using lighting.

Control options allow for sensors, dimmers, and instant on/off switches. This allows more flexibility for the use of lighting.

The use of LED lights in retail spaces enhances displays, highlights merchandise with accent lighting, and creates a welcoming ambiance.

LED lights are also safe. They contain no mercury or other contaminants like fluorescent lights. And they are environmentally safe as well. Their energy-efficiency reduces the carbon emissions being used to generate electricity.

We live in a toxic world. We are bombarded constantly with invisible rays, some of which may be harmful over time.

Another significant benefit of LED lights is that there are virtually no infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) emissions. Compare that to other lighting systems that convert most of the power to IR and UV heat. This presents a burn and fire hazard.

As LED technology advances, more improvements are made to lower cost and improve the reliability of performance.

Better Lighting Quality and Aesthetics

Ever struggle at work with poor lighting that made you squint and made your eyes burn?

LED lights provide benefits for your employees. They give out more light per unit than fluorescent lighting. And better lighting improves productivity in the workplace. It also helps support employee eye health.

If you’re planning new construction or considering an upgrade of your lighting system, it’s a good time to think about switching to LED lights for business.

It’s an opportunity to replace outdated lighting with quality lighting for a more sleek, modern look.

And switching to LED lights can improve the workplace aesthetically as well.

Color tuning and color pumping are methods used to make whites brighter and colors more vivid to accent a space with LED lighting.

LED strip lighting and rope lighting offer other options for an aesthetically pleasing business environment. These lights are ideal for special events and enhance the mood in businesses like restaurants and bars.

As LED technology continues to improve, it promises new possibilities for business applications.

General Electric has partnered with Apple to integrate iBeacon technology into LED lighting. This technology will make it possible to find the location of a customer in your store using your LED lights. His phone will then receive push notifications as he is shopping.

LED technology promises to make our homes and businesses more intelligent, more productive, and more sustainable.

LED Lights for Business Make Sense

If you’re thinking about replacing your lighting system, it makes sense to consider how LED lights can improve your business operations while helping you save money.

For more information on LED lighting systems, contact Birddog Lighting here.

How to Use Retail Lighting to Boost Sales

How to Use Retail Lighting to Boost Sales

You’ve likely read countless articles about how a specific store layout can help to influence your customers’ buying decisions.

You’re also aware of how much color influences the products you choose to buy.

But did you know that retail lighting, when used correctly, can have just as much of an impact on what your customers drop in their carts?

Countless in-depth studies have shown that your lighting can make your displays pop and increase your overall store revenue.

Whether you’re looking to get customers in your store from the street, want to direct their attention towards a featured product, or simply want to use retail lighting to create a specific store path, this guide can help.

In this post, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about how to use lighting to increase your sales.

Use Accent Lighting Sparingly

While accent lighting, AKA “spotlight” lighting, may be familiar to most retail stores, in order for it to be effective, you need to use it wisely.

If you have a “spotlight” on nearly every item in your store, your customers won’t be able to differentiate your luxury products or your newest offerings from your older ones.

To make the most of accent lighting, try to create an entire display around the product you want to feature. You may even want to consider using accent retail lighting as a part of your interactive display to call further attention to a product.

For example, let’s say your store just got in a popular shoe design, that’s sold out in other local stores or retailers. You might use brightly-colored (you can think outside of yellow or white light) accent lighting to highlight the special display you want your customers to pose in front of.

Not only will the lighting help your customers to take better photographs of themselves and your products, you can also use accent lighting to highlight the hashtag you want them to use when they upload those photos to social media.

That way, you can get to know your customers and study their social media habits — leading to more targeted ads in the future.

All this, just from using the right retail lighting!

Use Retail Lighting to Set the Mood

It’s also important that you think of your overall lighting design as a way to express your brand.

For example, if you sell spa packages and massages, it wouldn’t exactly make much sense to have bright florescent lighting with harsh metal fixtures.

Instead, you should focus on ambient lighting, and even use soft blue and green tones to help keep your customers calm. If your store sells items marketed towards millennials, then you might want to go for Edison bulbs. If you’re selling luxury handbags, elegant chandeliers will do the trick.

No matter which retail lighting you choose, it needs to be in step with the experience you want your customers to have when they spend time inside your store.

Remember, in today’s world, people could just as easily shop online. When they take the time to come to your store, make it worth their while.

Keep It Flattering

One of the biggest secrets to retail lighting?

Making sure it casts a flattering light on your customers. Especially if you sell clothing, makeup, or hair products, you need to make sure that your lighting isn’t overwhelmingly bright.

Too-bright lights can call attention to a customer’s flaws, and may even make them feel so bad about themselves that they walk out of your store empty-handed.

LED bulbs aren’t just more cost-effective and energy-efficient: they’re also much more flattering. Especially in dressing rooms, softer lighting is always the better choice.

Avoid using non-traditional colors — no one wants to see how an outfit will look on them in blue light. If possible, install lighting at the top of mirrors, so customers can get a real sense of what they’ll look like from head to toe.

If you’re selling cosmetics, use adjustable lighting that allows shoppers to see what they’ll look like in lighting during different parts of the day.

Use Lighting to Direct Foot Traffic

If a customer can’t find what they need quickly, they’re likely to leave your store without making a purchase.

Your lighting can help make it easy for customers to find checkout lines, specific products, and more.

You can use track lighting installed on the floor or at the bottom of your shelves to help guide your customers through your store. Additionally, use an elegant lighting fixture with LED bulbs above your cash registers.

The fixture should be attention-getting, and should serve as a sort of “sign post” for where customers are in the store. If you have multiple aisles in the store, make sure you’ve used soft accent lighting to ensure customers can easily read the list of products people can find in each aisle.

Remember, retail lighting is all about simplifying the customer experience as much as possible. It can also help foot traffic to move faster, translating into more sales for your store.

Have Additional Questions?

Of course, these are just a few of our favorite retail lighting ideas — there are many more out there that you can use for inspiration.

No matter what kind of products your store sells, the right lighting can help you to sell even more of them. However, especially if you weren’t blessed with good lighting design genes, it can be difficult to know where to start.

That’s where we come in.

Get in touch with us today to talk more about which lighting fixtures might best serve your business. We even offer a complimentary LED lighting assessment. Then, choose from our wide variety of fixtures to get the look you want.

Make this the year you show your store in the best possible light.

LED Rope Light Basics for Bars and Restaurants

Every business needs functional lighting to ensure the safety and security of guests. You don’t want them stumbling around in the dark, after all. As a restaurant or bar owner, you also know that lighting serves other purposes.

In the food service industry, in particular, it’s important to make sure the product looks appealing. You also want to create an inviting atmosphere and wow your guests to create a superior overall dining experience. This is what keeps people coming back instead of going to competitors.

Of course, you’re also working with a budget. That might mean hiring a lighting designer and shelling out the dough for high-end fixtures or lighting installations may not be in the cards. The good news is you can do some amazing custom light displays in your bar or restaurant with rope or strip lights at relatively little expense. Here are a few rope lighting basics to get you started.

Choose Colors

Rope lights come in an array of colors.  You need to think about which products are going to help you accomplish the visual effects that will make your bar or restaurant stand out from the crowd. If you’re going for sophistication, the simplicity of white lights is probably your best bet.  However, if you want something more trendy or edgy, colored lights could really make your interior pop.

Perhaps you have a signature color (like T-Mobile pink) that you want to reflect in your interior decor with lighting. Maybe you want to switch it up seasonally, or even rotate through colors during business hours. With proper controls and products in place you could control rope lighting remotely via smartphone, cycle through colors on a timer, and create presets for different occasions, just for example.

Your budget and imagination will dictate how much or how little you do with rope lighting in your bar or restaurant. It’s best to do some research and understand your options before you simply resign yourself to white lights.

Watch Tutorials

It might surprise you to learn just how easy it is to cut, splice, cap, and add power supplies to rope lighting. If you want to save some dough on your lighting project, there’s no reason you can’t buy rope or strip lights in bulk, cut them to size, and create installations on your own.

There are all kinds of tutorials online that will tell you what you need to get the job done. They will then guide you through the process with instructions, photos, and/or videos. Once you learn the basics you can really begin to branch out. You can create pretty much any kind of lighting project you might dream up.

Highlight Architectural Features

You’ve picked your products and figured out how to shorten or extend your light ropes. Now it’s time to figure out how to use this lighting to improve the function of your space and heighten the aesthetic. One easy way to start is by highlighting architectural features.

You can utilize rope lights both indoors and out (you just have to get appropriate products for outdoor use). Run them under eaves, around doors and windows, or along pretty much any edge to create a variety of effects.

Try placing a rope light under the edge of the bar or along the foot rail. Place it around the bottom perimeter of tables or booth seating. String it above a picture rail or use it to line the back of shelves on a mirrored bar back, illuminating bottles and barware. Try it in different places to see what cool effects you can accomplish.

Think Outside the Rope

When you think of an actual rope, you know that you can swoop it, loop it, tie it in knots, and use it in all kinds of ways. The same is basically true of rope lighting. Why, then, use it solely to line shelves or run along eaves? You can really explore your creativity and come up with some truly eye-popping lighting displays for your bar or restaurant in the process.

You can crisscross lengths of rope light over an outdoor patio for a fiesta feeling. Alternatively, you can lay strips across a patio cover and let them hang over the sides to create a cascade effect or a wall of light that extends to the ground. You can do this indoors, as well, to separate spaces with walls or curtains of light.

If you have a tall entry or stairwell, place equal lengths of rope on a grid to create a custom lighting fixture or arrange cascading lengths in a spiral for a unique effect. You can even craft a wire grid to attach rope light to in order to spell a word or create a custom wall graphic. Don’t limit yourself to traditional light usage – with rope lighting you can do so much more and really wow your bar and restaurant patrons.

LED to Improvement: Jake & Katie switch to LED Tube Lights!

Switching to LED Tube Lights In Big Sky Montana Jake & Katie Grimm work long hours as proud owners of Jake’s Horses where they provide trail rides to into the Montana Mountains and Katie doubles as a successful real estate agent. When they get home the last thing they want to worry about is their lighting. In the kitchen were four 8 foot T8 Fluorescent bulbs buzzing and humming along annoyingly at the end of their lifetime – it was time to find something else.

Making the Switch to LED Tube Lights

Jake and Katie came to Birddog Lighting looking for an idea to replace those annoying fluorescent bulbs. Initially they were looking at replacing the fixture but Birddog Lighting offered the alternative idea of keeping the fixture and bypassing the ballast (take a look at this blog post on how to bypass your ballast) and installing a four eight foot T8 LED Bulbs. No remodel, a simple bypass of the ballast and Jake estimates he saved $600 during the installation and will save even more over the lifetime of the LED bulb. The Grimms will save 40-60% off their electricity bill for the amount of electric used to power their new LED T8 bulbs and they will last 2.5 times longer than those pesky fluorescent bulbs that don’t die quietly.

LED tube lights for the win!

Jake now has an even happier wife because “she likes them!” and Katie said they are “Wonderful!” Katie and Jake thanked Birddog Lighting for our “expertise and advice.” You’re welcome. We’re glad to help make another happy ending to an LED install.

Your turn to make the switch

So do you have flickering florescent tube lights in your home, office, or work place? Did you know you wouldn’t have to change those bulbs nearly as often if you made the switch to LED? You should because we just told you. So what are you waiting for? We have a very affordable and high-quality economy LED T8 tube light that comes in cool, natural, and warm white. go change to LED tube lights

Commercial Lighting Design: Case Study

Successful commercial lighting design example

Creative solutions to old problems.

As the manager of your grocery store your island coolers displaying your best chilled products are probably lit by some form of fluorescent bulbs. Those bulbs change color over time, begin to buzz, and eventually you need to change the bulb and replace those pesky ballasts. Due to the limitations of technology, most of those island coolers weren’t big enough to fit a 2’ bulb on the ends and naturally leave a dark spot on your displays. Those dark spots are lost sales, reduced profitability and plain unattractive. With LED strip lighting, ruler lighting and talented, creative commercial lighting designers or electricians, you can transform your old, under-performing island coolers into high performing profit centers for your store.

Check out this commercial lighting design transformation!

Cheese Island Before

Before commercial lighting design

Cheese Island After

Cheese Island After

We as humans are naturally adapted to going towards the light and find comfort with well-lit areas. As an example, a mall changed out their lighting and the results were astounding, “merchants’ sales increased 38 percent; profits increased 19 percent. Given the center’s new appearance and traffic flow, more retailers opened stores there, cutting the center’s vacancy rate 32 percent and in turn increasing sales.” Excellent commercial lighting design conveys safety, transparency and peace of mind for shoppers in being able to quickly ascertain the quality of your products for sale. In fact led lighting is being used more for under shelf lighting and a test study showed “…more than 2x as many purchased when the display shelves were illuminated… A relative increase of nearly 133%Storefront Led Lighting products do have a size investment; however, retailers “…cannot look at lighting as an expense but rather as a way to increase sales and profitability….  LED lighting will reduce your energy consumption from fluorescent lighting by half – boosting your profitability and better lighting will then increase your higher margin sales making your return on investment a high percentage and a payback in months- not years! Boost your sales today, call Birddog Lighting Commercial Sales for ideas – 406-223-8262 or email

Office Lighting Tips – Increase Savings, Productivity, and Well-Being

Office Lighting Tips

Well-designed office lighting is something that can dramatically increase the wellbeing and productivity of employees, but most offices overlook the importance of it. What sort of issues does poor lighting cause in the office? More importantly, what benefits do you get from improving office lighting? Find out the answers to these questions and helpful tips to improve your office lighting.

Issues of Poor Office Lighting

An office with poor lighting is truly a dismal place; it is full of waste, discomfort, and inefficiency. If you’re not quite sure if your office is having issues of poor lighting then consider some of these signs and symptoms:

  • Eyestrain, which is manifest through non-specific symptoms like fatigue, pain around the eyes, headaches, blurred vision, or double vision
  • Difficulty seeing computer screens because of glare or too much light
  • Difficulty seeing printed documents because of shadows or too little light
  • Majority of employees consistently have a hard time staying alert throughout the day
  • Excessive costs to use and maintain office lighting
  • Morale seems to suffer in poorly lit areas when compared to well-lighted office spaces
  • Stiff necks and shoulder aches as employees adopt awkward postures in order see what they are reading and writing in poor light

This bulleted list isn’t all inclusive and you may notice only one or several symptoms of poor office lighting, but regardless, it affects your office negatively in several ways. Poor lighting can increase the cost to light your office, decrease the well-being of your employees, and reduce their productivity.

Benefits of well designed office lighting

Benefits of Well-Designed Office Lighting

On the flipside, if you have an office space with well-designed lighting, you save money in lighting costs and have happier, more productive employees. Lighting is one of the biggest energy costs to running an office. When lighting design is considered, wasted energy from lighting is reduced through the use of daylighting, lighting controls, and energy efficient lights. Studies in (human-centric) lighting have also shown that quality lit spaces improve the moods of those who dwell in them. Productivity is also heavily linked to the type of light placed in a workspace. We are more responsive to bluer hues of white light and the use of it in workspaces increases alertness and productivity.

Tips to Improve Your Office Lighting

If your office space is suffering from poor lighting, don’t fret! It doesn’t take much to make small improvements towards better designed office lighting. Here are three tips to improve your office lighting today.

office lighting control

1) Start controlling the use of your light

As you think more about controlling the light in your office space, the more useful and less hindering it becomes. Controlling office light can be as simple as properly using blinds and shades to effectively let in natural light or as complex as installing a smart lighting system. One simple, but effective way to control your office lighting can be adding motion sensors to your conference room and/or office restrooms. This will reduce wasted energy and begin to save the office money. Another simple and effective way to control light is to add dimmers to your office ambient light. This will allow you to control the intensity of the general lighting in the office. Dim it down when outside light is brightest and brighten it when there is little to no light outside. Dimmers also help to reduce computer glare and eyestrain from reading in low light. A more complex way to control your office lighting would be install a smart lighting system that would combine all your lighting controls into one integrated system (take a look at this previous blog post on smart lighting to learn more).

2) Choose the right type of lights

If you want to start bringing in the type of light that improves moods, increases productivity, and saves money, start making the switch to solid-state lighting. LED lights have the greatest ability to be controlled, are the most energy efficient, and come in the widest range of intensity and color options. It’s not enough to replace all your lights with LEDs. You want to make sure you have the right intensity, color temperature, and the amount of light in the space you are lighting. For example, if you want to light up an office space that is used primarily for desk work you’d probably want to use LED lights that have cooler (bluer) color temperature. The cooler color temp will promote a more alert state in desk space. You will also want LED lights that produce a significant amount of lumens (brightness) for the tasks that are complete at the desk. For more information on choosing the right type of light for your situation, check out a previous blog post on lighting design tips.

office lighting for relexation

3) Have a space to rest the eyes

Staring at a computer and reading small print all day can definitely result in severe eyestrain no matter how great the space’s lighting is. Give your eyes and your colleague’s eyes a place to rest with a space lit with soothing and calming lighting. Warmer color temperatures and dimmer lights promote relaxation and are easier on your eyes. If you don’t want to run the risk of burning employees out, create a space that allows them to step away from their desk rest their eyes and distress. There are several ways to do this, but lighting in this space is key. Keep the lights dim, use warmer color temperatures, and maybe even add a LED color-changing vase light (set to fade) for some effect ;). Office lighting is more than an afterthought. There are serious health and financial issues if your office is poorly lit, but great benefits well-designed lighting. Use these three simple office lighting tips and you’ll move your office closer to increased savings, productivity, and well-being.

Let Us Help You with Your Office Lighting and More

Birddog Lighting wants to help introduce better lighting into your office, home, and life. Let us help by providing you the right information, getting you the lighting products you need at the prices you want, or sparking cool new lighting project ideas. Follow us on Twitter, sign up for our newsletter, or give us a call and tells us about your lighting project. We are here to help you Unleash the Beauty of Lighting.

Storefront LED Lighting: Catching the Customer’s Eye

Example of Apple Storefront Lighting

If we can learn anything from the big bright apple it’s that storefront LED lighting is not to be overlooked. Unfortunately (or maybe it’s fortunate for your business) most small to medium size business neglect the power of storefront lighting. If you are reading this as a leader of a small business, you are indeed ahead of the competition. If you want to stand out from the competition and even win out your big box competitors mastering your storefront LED lighting will carry a lot of weight.

Why Storefront LED Lighting is Important

In the image above, what stands out most to you? If it seems obvious it’s supposed to be. You may also be thinking, “here we go… another case study of how Apple is so much cooler than everyone else”, but there is something to be learned here. If you were to walk into this mall and see the brightly lit apple in contrast to your surroundings, chances are, you’re going to gravitate to it like a bug to the glowing zapper. Here is why storefront LED lighting is important to Apple and should be important to you:

  1. It brings in more business off the street
  2. It gets the customers to spend more while in the store
  3. It saves money!

Bright Lights Bring Business

Eye-catching Storefront LED Lighting

This may seem like a no-brainer but it’s something we see often, a beautifully made sign with little to no light on it. A well-lit logo and storefront signs bring in more business. We often spend a lot of time designing our storefront signs but neglect shedding proper light on them. The most stunning signage still won’t bring in business if it’s not clearly recognized; proper lighting can help you do this.

I’m guessing most of our storefront lighting budgets aren’t going to look like Apple’s, but you can accomplish the same objective with a small business budget. Here are a few things to try:

  1. Back-light your signs with LED rope light or strip lightLED strip light back-lighting a sign - Storefront LED lighting idea
  2. Outline your signs with LED strip Lightsign outlined by LED strip - storefront LED lighting ideasign outlined with strip light unlit - storefront LED lighting idea
  3. Use track lighting as down lighting for your signsReception area sign lit by track down-lighting - storefront LED lighting idea
  4. Use goose neck light fixtures as down lightinggoose neck down-lit on sign - storefront LED lighting idea

Quality Lighting Increases Sales

In several ways storefront LED lighting increase sales, but it has to be used in the right ways. Here are four pointers that will help you to improve sales with lighting:

  1. Highlight your merchandise with light — you can’t just improve the overall ambient light in the entire store and expect an increase in sales. When you highlight merchandise you want the customer to notice, contrast is key. Shine light on your choice products that is at least three times brighter than the room’s ambient or general lighting.
  2. Take advantage of LED lighting technology — LEDs come in any color available in the visible light spectrum. Along with a wide color selection, they are highly programmable. LED lights can be programmed to do just about any lighting effect you’d like; dim the lights down, change the lights to a different color, or flash light in different patterns. Use the technology to create a unique experience for your shoppers.
  3. Set the mood– because of the many color choices and programmable features of LEDs you can match or influence the mood of your shoppers. Understand the impact color has on your buyers and effectively use color temperature to influence your shoppers.
  4. Use entirely LED lighting — switching completely over to LED lighting in your storefront is more than a cost and energy saver. Having LED lights that last several times longer than all other lighting technologies means you have to worry less about burnt out bulbs that distract your shoppers. LED lights are also instant on and don’t fade over time so the distracting flicker or diminishing of light from a fluorescent bulb is also reduced.


Storefront LED lighting saves money!

With energy savings alone your storefront will be saving a significant amount of money, but storefront LED lighting will save you even more in reduced replacements, maintenance, and taxes.

Compared to incandescent bulbs LED lighting technologies have been proven to be around 85% more efficient; when compared to florescent lights, LEDs are around 46% percent more efficient. LEDs will cost more upfront than an incandescent and most fluorescent lights. However, when we look at the life span of an LED compared to a fluorescent or incandescent lights the upfront costs are more than worth it. LEDs last on average 50,000 hours compared to only 8,000 hours for fluorescent lights and 1,200 hours for Incandescent lights. That’s six fluorescent replacements for every one LED light, and 41 replacements for incandescent lights.

Finally, because of federal incentives to use more energy efficient products you can get tax credits for switching your storefront lights to LEDs. Several states have also implemented tax credits for the switch to a more sustainable lighting source.

Looking to improve your storefront lighting?

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