Decorating With Christmas Lights When It’s Not Christmas: 8 Ways to Pull It Off

If you go a little overboard on Christmas lights and decorations, you may have a surplus of festive decor just laying around 11 months out of the year!

Sure, you may not be racking up $82,000 in energy bills, but it’s easy to fill a crowded garage, attic, or basement with unused equipment.

It seems like such a waste to spend money on beautiful decorations only to use them for a single holiday. This is why we’re looking at other options for decorating with Christmas lights.

Today, we’ll show you the best ways to use your lights even outside of Christmas!

Decorating With Christmas Lights: Easy Mode

Before we get into some specific DIY Christmas lights decorating ideas, we want to cover a simple and easy rule of thumb…

Use white string lights whenever and wherever!

There are lots of options out there for Christmas lights, but many people tend to opt for simple, white stringed lights.

This is great because white stringed lights go with almost anything. Usually doesn’t even matter what the decor of your house is, white stringed lights are practically universal.

It’s a little more difficult if you’re a colored Christmas lights type of person, but not necessarily impossible.

There are still some more specific ideas on how to decorate with Christmas lights, though, which we’ll delve into now.

String Up Your Patio, Porch, or Lanai

Just like under cabinet lighting, you want to use lights to set a certain mood and ambiance.

What better place to spruce up the ambiance than with outdoor Christmas lights?

The good news is that you’re planning on decorating outside of the (presumably) cold winter months, so now is the time to move those lights outside.

An easy way to do this is simply stringing them up above you. Give the strands of lights a little sag, which adds an extra touch of visual aesthetics to your patio lighting too.

Make sure to grab some suspension cable if your patio or porch doesn’t have a ceiling or isn’t already conducive to hanging lights.

Wrap Them Around Plants and Trees

Decorating with Christmas lights doesn’t need to be tied to just Christmas trees.

If you like to have indoor trees and plants in your house, feel free to wrap some Christmas lights around them anyway.

Again, especially if you use plain white stringed lights, this look is timeless and doesn’t need to just be used from December 1st to the 31st.

Highlight Your Bedroom Mirror

A tall bedroom mirror is great for double checking your outfit for the day or adding the illusion of more space.

Try highlighting your mirror by framing it with DIY Christmas lights. You can either make it a simple border with 90-degree angles or add some wavy and chaotic pattern for some flair.

Either way, this makes for a very cool effect as they’re reflected on the mirror and it adds to the overall lighting of the room.

It’s always good to get some extra lighting when checking yourself out anyway.

Create a Reading Nook

This idea is especially useful when you have young children.

Reading is important for childhood development (or anyone, really). But some children are resistant to reading when so many screens and devices crowd their attention these days.

That’s why it’s important to make reading as inviting and accessible as possible.

A good idea is to make a themed reading nook or corner and decorating with Christmas Lights.

You could simply string the lights up in a tent shape or frame around a corner of a room with a small bookshelf and some bean bags or a bench.

You could also go heavier on the theme. For example, make it space themed with astronaut or spaceship figurines on the bookshelf. Then, you can make a quilted mural of a moon and/or stars and highlight the moon or stars with cut-outs.

String the Christmas lights behind the quilt and have the lights poke out through the cut-outs.

This will incite creativity in your child’s mind and make them want to go to the reading corner.

Then again, you could scrap the idea of a children’s reading nook altogether and just make one for yourself.

Hang the lights up from a hook on the ceiling and then drape them down in a tent-like shape above a chair or bench. Create a little space for yourself removed from the rest of the world and have reading lights all in one design!

String Up Polaroids and Pictures

In the digital age, physical pictures become rarer and rarer.

Still, some people like to feel a picture between their fingers. Physical photos can make for some interesting decorating ideas, too.

One way to mix photos with Christmas lights in the living room is to use the strands of Christmas lights as a string for creating a mural of photos on the wall.

Simply grab some clothespins and clip them on the strand in between the lights.

It will make for a well-lit and story-filled centerpiece.

Bundle Them Up

There are a lot of places to use this idea, but consider taking strands of Christmas lights and bundling them up like a ball of rubber bands.

This makes the lights more concentrated and brighter.

Put the ball in a glass container like a mason jar or vase and next thing you know you’ve got a bright light source that’s aesthetically pleasing.

An idea like this can even be a replacement for a lamp itself!

Thinking Outside the Box with Lighting

Similar to colors, lights are a fun way to play around with the look and decor of your house.

Decorating with Christmas lights doesn’t have to only be for the month of December, too. Feel free to play around with strands of Christmas lights (especially if you have plain white ones) every day of the year.

They don’t need to waste away in boxes in your garage, attic, or basement. Feel free to pull them out year round and make your home happier, brighter, and more playful.

If you think you have some interesting ideas for LED lighting, feel free to submit your project anytime!