Horticulture company harvests power of LED lighting for ‘cityfarming’

Horticulture company harvests power of LED lighting for 'cityfarming'.LED manufacturer Philips and the horticulture company Deliscious have joined forces to create a unique method of growing lettuce by using varying layers of LED light fixtures. According to FreshPlaza.com, the LED light spectrum allows these plants to grow more efficiently and the plants can be stacked on top of one another to make urban farming a reality.

"This is the first real harbinger of 'cityfarming,' a new and sustainable concept that's being used in more and more densely populated areas to grow food in unusual places," Udo van Slooten, director of LED horticulture at Philips, told the news source.

The lettuce is grown in special climate chambers that are stacked in seven layers up to eight meters tall. This allows the growers to avoid insects, drought and other blights that would normally harm the crop. It also allows them to follow the plant from seed to fruition in the most effective way possible.

LEDs hold many benefits for food production, and they could be a perfect sustainable accent for your greenhouse. LED rigid light bars are ideal for these spaces and will provide energy-efficient illumination that can be placed just about anywhere.  

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