How to Brighten Up Your Backyard Party With LED Strip Lights

You’ve weeded the flower beds, mowed the lawn and cleaned the pool. You’ve set up tables and chairs, added balloons, made a party playlist for your MP3 player, and picked up roughly a metric ton of food and beverages. All that remains is to fire up the grill and start your backyard party. If your little shindig will extend into the evening hours, though, you’ve made a major error in planning.  You forgot to account for lighting! Okay, sure, you have a fixture next to the back door to cast a dim glow on the patio.  However, that’s really not enough to give your guests the motivation to dance the night away. Your sad, single bulb will have your friends fleeing for the hills (or tripping in the dark) once the sun goes down. Then you’ll wish you had the foresight to install a colorful, LED rope light or strip lighting.  This added illumination will brighten up your outdoor space and add some pep to your party. It’s not too late.  You can create the perfect party atmosphere with a wide array of strip lighting options that will add color and style to any space. Considering there are products specifically designed for use outdoors, there’s no reason not to explore this opportunity to decorate with light. Here are a few ideas to try in your own backyard before your next soiree.

Showcase Architectural Features

There is no reason to wait until the winter holidays to hang lighting from the eaves. With strip lights you can not only add illumination to outdoor spaces, but you can make your house look like a million bucks and impress all your party guests in the process. You can easily add strip lights under eaves, around doorways and windows, in archways, and pretty much anywhere else an interesting architectural feature exists. If you have a permanent patio cover or pergola, or even a gazebo in your yard, it will provide you with a foolproof way to add some overhead lighting to the most popular social spots in your yard. You can also add lighting strips on hand rails, run them under the edges of stairs, under-light a raised deck or planter boxes, or place them around the edges of counters on your outdoor bar or kitchen cooktop. Consider placement that isn’t necessarily obvious for a unique and wow-worthy display of light.

Highlight Landscaping

While rope lights are ideal for winding up tree trunks and around branches during the holiday season (or any time of year, really), there are also plenty of ways to use LED strip lights to put your landscaping on display and add some much-needed illumination to traditionally dim areas of your yard. For example, you could place strip lights around the borders of planting beds in your yard or use them to delineate landscape and hardscape (i.e. separate lawn areas from patios, decks, and walkways). If you’re going for something more organic and ethereal, consider winding strip lighting through tall grasses, shrubbery, or flower beds. You needn’t necessarily stick to clean lines if the mood you want to create is more romantic, for example.

Get Creative

There’s so much you can do with LED strip lighting, so get creative with your party plans. You might, for example, drape rows of lighting strips across the top of a pergola and let the ends dangle off the side to create a waterfall of light. Do you want a central fire pit without all the smelly smoke? Drape strip lighting over logs for a golden glow, sans fire danger. Create a new spin on paper lanterns by stringing strip lights through them and then hanging the string along the side of the house (like popcorn strings on a Christmas tree). Create wire frames in circles, stars, hearts, or other shapes and run strip lights around them, then hang them from trees, mount them on your home or outbuildings, or lay them on open lawn space. LED strip lights are so versatile that you can really explore your creativity when it comes to brightening your backyard parties. Whether you decide to go the traditional route or get crafty, just make sure to purchase lighting products that are rated for outdoor use.