Illuminating Palm Trees with LED Rope Lights

palm tree pictureMake your Palm Trees light up and look great all year round with LED Rope Lights. Use a clear or Warm White rope light for a more inviting, relaxing feel or choose a different color for holidays, celebrations, or moods.   Choose a color that affects your mood,”If you want to use some color, green, red, or multi-color are all good choices for traditional Christmas holiday displays. In addition to the obvious considerations, such as the holiday or event you are decorating for, it is also wise to consider the affect that the light color will have on your observers. Its is widely accepted that light color affects human mood. Blue is calming and represents peace, tranquility, and harmony which are all good holiday themes. Blue is also a good winter color. Green represents nature, renewal, good luck, and spring. Orange is a warm color that expresses energy and grabs attention. Orange is also an obvious choice for autumn holidays. Purple has become one of our more popular colors and represents royalty, spirituality, mystery and enlightenment. Red is the most energetic of all the colors and grabs the most attention while also representing love and other strong emotions. Yellow represents joy, happiness, and imagination. Spend some time thinking about the general mood or feeling you want to convey and then select the appropriate color.”