Landscape Lighting Tips & Tricks

3 easy landscape lighting tricks You have spent countless hours grooming the yard, the trees, and the bushes to perfection, now what? Something seems to be missing.Add some light into the mix of your landscape scene and show off your hard work. Presentation is key, it shows the perfection of your masterpiece and your unique style. Landscaping lighting is a fun and engaging way to show off the beauty of your home, or better yet, add value to the architecture. Light your way into the summer months through these landscape lighting tips and tricks.   Tip # 1: Know the difference between overall lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. Overall lighting would be good for the driveway because it provides a lot of illumination. Task lighting is used for specific purposes such as lighting the pathway up toward the front deck or back porch. Accent lighting is used to highlight certain architectural features that you want to show off. It typically draws attention to an object or area. The best type of light to use is LED, due to their record of using less energy to produce light and their attractively long lifespan of 50,000 hours. Another added benefit is that bugs aren’t attracted to the LED light because it doesn’t emit heat like incandescent lights. Tip # 2: Lighting placement is important. The absolute musts for outdoor lighting are driveways, entryways, walkways, steps, and patios. These are the areas where there is high foot traffic. So it is vital to have good light to see at night. There are many ways to creatively integrate light into the areas that need light such as the pathways by the house. Rope lights can be hidden within landscape features that line the driveway such as white rocks or other edging materials, strip lights can be placed under the ledge of the steps of the front porch or back patio, and solar led wall lights can be placed either on the gutter or along fence posts for added night time security. Tip # 3: Have complete control over your landscape lights through motion sensors, controllers, timers, and dimmers. LED lighting technology allows you to use these accessories to customize your lighting designs outdoors. LED rope lights and strip lights can be controlled through a simple remote. The controllers allow the lights to alternate betweenexciting light features such as fading, flashing, and chasing effects. Imagine what that would look like with your landscaping, or even the backyard pool! Last of all, do not forget to decorate the outdoor bushes and trees. Hang string lights from tree to tree, drape net lights over bushes, and float pixie berries in the pond or fountain. Landscape lighting should be fun, get creative and show off your hard work. Happy lighting!  

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