LED lamp shades boast safety

LED lamp shades boast safetyNew LED light installments in Twin Falls, Idaho, are both energy-efficient and help direct light downward, rather than towards the sky, KMVT News reports.

Many more modern lighting fixtures throughout the town are not only eco-friendly LED options, they are also fitted with lamp shades that reflect light down rather than up at the sky. This helps to better illuminate areas where people are walking, such as parking lots or on campuses and it also keeps the sky free from added light pollution, which for stargazers is an added bonus.

"Full cutoff shades, meaning that the light will be directed downward. And that has benefits pretty much for everybody," Chris Anderson the Observatory Coordinator told the news outlet. "It puts more light on the ground, where it's needed for safety and security. It puts less light horizontally where it's gonna impact the observatory. So we can maintain our security and safety, and we can also maintain our better views."

The town likes the shades and the benefits from LED lighting so much that they are installing more of the unique fixtures around the local university, the College of Southern Idaho.

Using LED rope lights to brighten up your outdoor space is a great option to give a bit of ambiance, while leaving the gorgeous summer night skies clear.

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  1. Some great information, I am planning on purchasing Led lights for childrens bedroom lamp shades, I am glad I found this regarding my safety concerns.



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