LED lights installed into Foro Romano historical site

LED lights installed into Foro Romano historical site.One of the most significant archaeological sites that still remain from ancient Rome, the Foro Romano, has been given a visual boost with LED landscape lighting. The lights were provided by Seoul Semiconductor and everywhere from the grounds to the Column of Trajan is now bathed in energy-efficient illumination.

LEDs were the obvious choice to illuminate the archaeological site, as they use little energy and produce no heat, which could harm the ancient structures. In addition, the lights are not made with hazardous materials such as mercury and halogen gases, making them the greener choice for the site.

"The Z-Power series supplied for the Foro Romano Project was the best choice to keep lighting up the historic place of Rome with long life and low-power consumption," John S. Bae, vice president of Seoul Semiconductor, told the news source.

The Foro Romano project speaks volumes about LED lighting's superior role in outdoor illumination. Homeowners who are looking to beautify their yards and patio areas should try LED rope lights. These fixtures come in many colors and are protected from the elements with their durable PVC pipe construction.  

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