How to Power Your LED Light Strips

There’s no end to the ways you can utilize LED light strips to add illumination and ambience to any room, or even outdoor spaces. You may be most familiar with LED lights in alarm clocks and on DVR displays.  However, you can now use these long-lasting, energy-saving lighting options throughout your home in a variety of ways.…

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CRI Basics Explained

In case you didn’t know, not all lighting is created equal. For one thing, there are now a whole slew of energy-saving options available on the market.  You no longer have to rely on antiquated incandescent bulbs sucking up energy.  Unless, of course, you love the artistry and golden illumination of old-timey Edison bulbs.…

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LED Lighting Terminology You Should Know

When it comes to LED lights, a lot of people are still in the dark, so to speak. It wasn’t that long ago that LEDs were limited to holiday lights and digital displays on clocks and microwaves. Thanks to energy initiatives, however, this facet of the lighting industry has grown rapidly over the last several years.…

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How To Make Awesome Color Changing LED Lighting Clouds

color-changing-led-lighting-clouds This is a super easy, fun, and inexpensive way to create decorative LED clouds. Led clouds are the perfect project for kids and adults and create a great look with very little investment of time or money.  LED light clouds make great mobiles for babies, night lights for kid’s rooms, wedding decorations, or just about any occasion where you want to add some unique and fun lighting.…

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Do LED lights Produce Heat?

LED lights produce heat?

Short answer:

LED lights produce heat, but do not use heat to create light.

Long answer:

LEDs do not use heat to create light

Up until the advent of LED lighting, we solely depended on heat to create light. Fire, incandescent, and florescent light all use heat as their primary way to produce light.…

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