LEDs find many uses in functional design

As LEDs continue to grow in popularity, many companies are finding more and more innovative ways to incorporate them into their designs. From LED chandeliers to color-changing car dashboards, light-emitting diodes are finding their niche everywhere – and now one technology blog wants to help you rig up some LEDs for your computer.

If you use your computer often, then you may be concerned about your CPU usage. This do-it-yourself project, put together by Cuznersoft, shows you how to attach LED lights to your computer to broadcast how hard the CPU is working while you're using the machine.

If all of that sounds overly technical, don't worry. LEDs are easy to use in all kinds of design spaces, not just your computer! You can put LED lights to work in your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and even garage.

Try stringing some LED rope lights up around the house to shed cool, bright illumination everywhere it's needed with adding a modern touch to any decor. Rope lighting also looks fantastic outdoors, where it adds a whimsical glow to trees, plants and bushes.

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