Lighted railings carry wonderful design applications

The addition of LED lights to your railings or walkways could create a charming accent for your home. Railings on the interior and exterior of your home are often overlooked aspects of your decor. In actuality, they are probably some of the most-used features in your home. Accenting these rails with series of LED lighting could be a striking design choice that offers style as well as function.

Using an existing railing, you can easily add LED rope lighting to illuminate dark areas. Since the lights use very little heat, they will be a safe option for your home. Additionally, they come in a variety of colors, so make sure to change the products to match the seasons.

Instead of looping the lights around the railing, try placing the lights underneath the rails. Additionally, you may want to try to tape some of the rope lights so that they are out of view from the top of the stairs. Since the lighting is water-resistant, this can also work for outdoor applications near your doorway or deck stairs.

LED rope lights can extend up to 600 feet in length and still provide luminous light for interior and exterior areas of your humble abode.  

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