Los Angeles to install LED light grid onto Wilshire Grand towers

Restaurants can use LED rope lighting to illuminate patios, signage and other decorative accents.LED light grids have become popular for billboards and other advertisements, and recently the Los Angeles city council voted to bring this technology to their city. The array of lights and graphic displays will be installed onto the proposed downtown Wilshire Grand Towers and will feature both advertisements and flashing designs such as flowers and vines that will fade in and out, according to the Los Angeles Times.

City councilman Ed Reyes believes that this move will help to revitalize the downtown area and dubbed the new project an "architectural lighting scheme." In addition, many union leaders were in favor of the new project in the hope that new construction and electrical jobs will be available when the towers are built.

"This project is going to bring a lot of hope to a lot of members of our community," David Kersh, a representative for the Carpenters Contractors Cooperation Committee, told the news source.

LED lighting is wonderful for signs and advertisements, and restaurants can take advantage of this perfectly. LED rope lights on signage and on the path leading up to an establishment will add a beautiful touch to eateries.  

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