Why You Need LED Light Installation in Your Home

Many people are choosing LED light installation over traditional lighting because of the many benefits you receive.

Benefits range from saving money due to increased efficiency to contributing to tackling climate change with more environmentally friendly lighting.

Recent developments in LED lighting show the future potential of this illumination source to transform how we light our homes, workplaces, and schools.

To find out more about why you need LED light installation in your home, keep reading.

Long Lasting

Do you feel like you’re changing your light bulbs all the time?

With LED light installation you’ll notice a significant improvement. LED lighting has an operational life of between 30,000 to 50,000 hours. They could last even longer in some circumstances.

Is that difficult to get your head around? In other terms, LED lighting has an expected operational life of 11 years under continuous use.

This means that if you require illumination for your workplace nine-to-five, then you won’t need to replace the light bulbs for another 20 years.

In contrast to normal lighting, in which the bulb immediately burns out, LED lighting gradually fades.

After an extended period of time, the LED lighting diodes emit a lower level of output. This causes the brightness to reduce over time.

2. Greater Energy Efficiency

Did you realize that normal lighting usually operates at 20 percent efficiency?

This means that only one-fifth of the overall energy generated is converted into light. The rest is converted into heat instead. That’s a lot of energy wasted.

By contrast, LED lights operate at up to 90 percent efficiency, with only 10 percent of the energy wasted as heat.

This makes LED lighting much more efficient at fulfilling its purpose.

3. Save Money

Although LED lights are more expensive, you’ll save money in the long run by using less energy. As LED lightbulbs increasingly become the cost-effective option for many households, you’ll save increasingly more by opting for LED light installation.

This greater efficiency and longer life also mean that companies save on maintenance costs.

By saving money on the purchasing, stocking, and replacement of traditional lighting, companies could save thousands of dollars in maintenance costs.

4. Better for the Planet

There are multiple reasons why LED lights are more environmentally friendly than other forms of illumination.

Simply greater energy efficiency has a positive impact on carbon emissions that cause climate change. Research suggests that by choosing to light your home with the LED light installation you could be reducing your carbon footprint by over 30%.

Plus, unlike normal lightbulbs, LED light bulbs are 100 percent recyclable.

There are also a number of toxic chemicals that are used to produce traditional lightbulbs. One of the most notable and dangerous of chemicals is mercury. LED lights don’t contain any of the above chemicals.

If you want to do your bit for the environment, choosing LED light installation is the way to go.

5. More Durable and Resilient

LED light bulbs are much less fragile and much more durable and resilient than conventional light bulbs. They are even less vulnerable to vandalism and destruction.

This makes them especially useful when it comes to severe environments. Because of this, they are increasingly used for workplaces such as factories, construction sites, and hospitals.

LED lighting is also ideal for outdoor conditions because they can withstand any weather. This not only includes storms, rain, and sunlight but also temperature changes. In contrast to normal light bulbs, LED light bulbs operate absolutely fine in low winter temperatures as well as hot summer temperatures.

6. No UV Emissions

Have you ever had an item damaged as a result of its proximity to lighting?

The infrared light and UV emissions that are produced by conventional lighting can cause damage to particular kinds of materials.

However, LED light installation produces almost zero infrared light and UV emissions. LED lighting is increasingly being used to illuminate sensitive materials, such as in museums and art galleries.

7. Enhanced Flexibility and Versatility

LED lighting is available on the market in a variety of shapes and sizes.

However, there is also enhanced control over the strength and color of the lighting. This means that you can set the mood of a room according to taste and occasion with accuracy.

8. Greater Focus

With LED lighting you can better focus and direct light in a particular area of a room. This makes LED light installation much better for creating the spotlight effect.

However, this advantage is really one of efficiency. Instead of distributing the light throughout a room, you can direct it to the location you want.

9. Instant Off and On Use

Have you ever turned on a conventional light and needed to wait for the light to brighten up?

With LED light installation you no longer need to do this. After you flick the switch, the light will immediately brighten.

By turning the LED lights on and off, it doesn’t have any impact on the life of the lightbulb. It doesn’t impact on the emissions either.

10. Only Needs Low-Voltage Power

If you want lighting but you only have a low-voltage energy supply, LED lighting is a great solution.

LED lighting only requires low-voltage to function at its highest operational level. You can connect it to a solar-powered source or low-voltage energy source. This makes it the perfect choice for outside lighting.

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