DJs can increase their stage presence with LED lighting

LED tap lights can add a burst of color to your DJ equipment.Great music, fantastic use of lighting and vivid colors are just some of the main selling points for DJs, most of whom usually market their services by putting on the best show possible at every one of their gigs. Along with their standard disco balls and rotating light fixtures, LED lighting could add some style and ambiance to their performances that will increase their stage presence.

A conventional way to illuminate your workspace without the rest of your set-up suffering is to incorporate LED rope lights around your laptop or turntables. Not only will this look great, it will be easier to see in a dark venue and will provide a gorgeous glow to your spinning area.

Another ingenious choice is to add some LED rope lighting to the inner cone of your speakers to create a stunning design. If these are slightly raised off the floor, you can place some lighting around the outline of the device for an enchanting glow. Ambient lighting combined with rotating lights and lasers is a stellar combination that will leave any DJ looking inventive and professional.

According to, LED lighting can save up to 85 percent of the electricity used by incandescent bulbs. 

Create the ultimate entertainment area with LED lighting

LED rope lighting could be the best way to add color to your home entertainment system.If you're looking to redesign of your home entertainment area, try to build it from the ground up. Incorporate lighting and space-saving techniques to highlight the best features of your humble abode.

A black TV table is a great option for your new setup, as it blends in with most décor and gadgets. You can create a stunning entertainment area by placing some LED rope lighting underneath the shelf of your TV table. Better yet, if it has glass doors, you can use some rope lighting inside for a colorful, vivid glow.

If you mount your TV on the wall, use custom cut LED rope lighting to create a collage of colored lights behind your TV. This is a great way to visually draw the eye away from cords coming out of the bottom of the television and is a stunning design choice.

According to, North America is the largest market in the world for LED lighting with a 40 percent market share, followed closely by Europe at 33 percent.

Make your furniture glow with LED lighting

LED accent lighting can add personality to your home's interior.Creative use of light and color is essential in anyone's interior design plan, but if you're looking for a unique way to inexpensively spruce up your home, LED lighting could be your best bet. With a myriad of colors that go with any décor, these are fantastic products for those looking to incorporate a warm glow into their home.

LED lighting can add unique ambiance that is perfect for entertaining and displaying your finest furniture. If you have a flat-screen TV on a wall mount, try to use LED rope lighting on the back and watch your guests be dazzled.

Couches, chairs and coffee tables are also great places to illuminate. Like the flat-screen TV, placing some LED rope lighting on the underside of your furniture will be a great way to transform your home's interior. Try to incorporate this design style into a room that features hardwood floors in order to see the lighting illuminate off the ground.

LED lights have an average life span of 10,000 hours, so you can be confident your purchase will provide illumination for the foreseeable future.

LED lights work beautifully as accent lighting

LED lights could add an enchanting glow to your home interiors and spruce up the look of your furniture.Incorporating some color and bright light into your home décor has never been easier, thanks to the many uses of LED lighting. When all is said and done, home furnishings can be kicked up a notch with the addition of clever lighting tricks.

An easy first project to pursue is to take your everyday house plant and spruce it up for entertaining! A bonzai tree would look fabulous with the addition of a few LED string lights. The move will lead to a decorative accent for your living space and with the energy-efficiency of the bulbs, you won't have to worry about electricity costs.

If you want to create a communal area for your basement or home office, adding some LED rope lighting to the outline of your couch could be a whimsical choice. If you have a black and white couch, use colored LED rope lighting on its sides and underneath the reclining section for an enchanting glow.

LED lights have an average life span of 100,000 hours, so you can be confident your style investment will continue to shine long after your purchase.  

LED lights can revitalize household objects

LED lights can breathe new life into everyday household objects.While perusing through interior design magazines, you may notice that one of the best ways to create a warm and inviting atmosphere is through the use of light. Clever usage of accent lighting often leads to a sense of style and sophistication that is difficult to harness through simple, run-of-the-mill tactics.

For instance, consider working with the number detailing on the front of your home. Use LED strip lights on the underside for a luminous set-up. They can be cut every two inches so you can find the perfect size for the application.

Your walkway and railings could also be best served with the right lighting. Use some LED rope lights on the sides of the path leading up to the door and place some lighting underneath your rails for an enchanting glow.

According to, the electricity used over the lifetime of a single incandescent bulb costs five to 10 times the original purchase of the bulb itself, making LED lights the obvious choice for your home.  

Lighted railings carry wonderful design applications

The addition of LED lights to your railings or walkways could create a charming accent for your home. Railings on the interior and exterior of your home are often overlooked aspects of your decor. In actuality, they are probably some of the most-used features in your home. Accenting these rails with series of LED lighting could be a striking design choice that offers style as well as function.

Using an existing railing, you can easily add LED rope lighting to illuminate dark areas. Since the lights use very little heat, they will be a safe option for your home. Additionally, they come in a variety of colors, so make sure to change the products to match the seasons.

Instead of looping the lights around the railing, try placing the lights underneath the rails. Additionally, you may want to try to tape some of the rope lights so that they are out of view from the top of the stairs. Since the lighting is water-resistant, this can also work for outdoor applications near your doorway or deck stairs.

LED rope lights can extend up to 600 feet in length and still provide luminous light for interior and exterior areas of your humble abode.  

Create a whimsical coffee table with LED lighting

LED lights could reinvent the look of your coffee table.If your home is lacking flair, some creative usage of LED lights could add something special to a room. With some clever adjustments, you can spruce up your communal areas in an instant.

Placing a series of LED lights underneath a glass top coffee table could create a statement piece for your entire living room. Frosted glass is the best option, as it will mute the lighting and allow you to hide the cords underneath.

If you have a glass tabletop, remove the top and place a layer of wood or another layer of glass underneath to support your lights. LED string lights would be the optimal choice, as they come in numerous colors and can be weaved into clever designs.

When your lights are arranged, put your frosted glass top back in and find a nondescript spot to loop the cord out so it can be plugged in. As a result, you'll have a luminous new piece of furniture for entertaining that can work with any occasion.

According to, the electricity used over the lifetime of a single incandescent bulb costs five to 10 times the original purchase of the bulb itself, making LED lights the obvious choice. 

International Lighting Market highlights industry growth

The International Lighting Market highlighted the latest trends in the lighting industry.Shoppers and homeowners were abuzz at January's International Lighting Market in Dallas, Texas. The show featured some of the best new trends and showcased innovative new ways for consumers to use LED lighting in their humble abodes.

Along with a myriad of lighting options, energy-efficient ceiling fans and other green products were some of the many highlights of the exhibition. The industry has listened to the buying public and are now designing products that will save consumers money on utility bills.

Some of the highlights from the show included examples of LED home lighting, typically products that are placed under cabinetry and next to one's walkway. One manufacturer introduced a clever LED lighting option for bathrooms that used an effect to accentuate the look of the wall behind it. With over 150 manufacturers in attendance, it's safe to say the show was a success.

LED rigid light bars have a myriad of applications for around the house and can be used for indoor or outdoor lighting. They fit beautifully under cabinets, above desks or in your garage workspace. Available in cool or warm white, their added light will illuminate all of your workspaces efficiently.  

LED lighting for musicians at gigs and at home

LED lighting could add some style to your band's next gig.Musicians are known for incorporating wild effects into their performances, but the everyday benefits of lighting strips and rope lighting could make a huge difference in their performances and practice time as well. And, considering how versatile these products can be, artists are sure to find unique ways to use them to their advantage.

Instead of using a standard reading lamp over your piano, incorporate an LED strip light to better illuminate your sheet music. This will use less electricity than standard light bulbs and provide a soothing glow. Since the product contains a 3M adhesive strip, you can attach the light to any flat surface for immediate use.

LED rope lighting could work to spruce up the look of your equipment or to provide additional illumination onstage. Rope lighting would look perfect around the outline of a base drum or on the edge of keyboards. Additionally, feel free to tape down some LED rope lighting near the edge of the stage so that it is easier to make your exit after a set.

LED rope lights have an average life span of 100,000 hours, use less energy than filament style bulbs and are constructed out of remarkably durable heavy plastic.  

LED lights are perfect for your St. Patty’s celebration

LED lighting could be the perfect addition to your St. Patty's Day party.If you're planning to host a St. Patty's day bash, decking out your space in green may be just what you need for your Irish-themed shindig. But what most party planners underestimate is the luminous design qualities that LED lighting can add to your celebration.

The exterior of your home may be best served with accent lighting, which can adorn your entrances and walkways. Use some green rope lighting around the path up to your door and don't be afraid to outline your doorway as well. Custom cut LED rope lighting could be the perfect option as it is water resistant, made out of durable plastic and can be easily tailored to your needs.

Spruce up the look of your table spread with green LED rope lighting around the exterior of your table and frame it with some white net lighting for a dynamite combination. You can also hang some C7 string lights on your ceiling for additional illumination in the color of your choice.

LED rope lighting is the best choice for your St. Patty's celebration. With water-resistant plastic, multiple colors and energy-saving features, the future for your gatherings looks bright.  

Improve your home safety with LED lighting

Improve your home safety with LED lightingAside from the bright, harsh lights that characterize your workspace, who doesn't love coming home to a room lit with LED lighting? The strings of soft lights are an instant mood relaxer, and besides being eye-catching, they can boost the security of your home as well.

Forget the timed burglar-proof lighting fixtures. LED lights are highly energy-efficient and they don't produce heat, which means you can leave them on for days at a time to create the illusion that your home is occupied.

In addition to being a great choice for deterring any would-be criminals, LED lights are also much safer to use than standard Christmas lights, which many people warn should be monitored lest they create a fire hazard. Take the worry out of your accent lighting with a string of LED rope lights – you can leave them on indefinitely without worrying they'll get too hot.

Investing in LED rope lighting is an inexpensive way to get an average of 100,000 hours of safe light for your home.

Creating the ultimate outdoor patio space

Tiki lights are just the start of your deck and patio redecorating.Spring is right around the corner, which means it may be time to update your patio, deck or porch for the warm weather. If you're planning on throwing your fair share of backyard shindigs in the coming seasons, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere is essential. Luckily, a beautiful ambiance can be achieved from LED lighting and other solutions that will make your outdoor space functional and welcoming for your spring and summer gatherings.

Screened porches are a sought-after patio option, as they often allow you and your guests to enjoy a bug-free environment. While some consumers use a traditional fixtures, energy-saving LED lighting could be a far more stylish and functional choice. Hang some LED rope lighting around the interior of your porch for a delightful ambiance that's sure to be a hit while entertaining.

Along with LED lighting, colored lighting could be perfect for a holiday or theme party. LED string lights will spruce up the look of your space and use about 90 percent less energy than standard incandescent bulbs. In addition, they put out a much brighter light than their counterparts.

Lighting is a welcome ally for your summer decorating dreams, so try to get creative. A fun idea is to take LED rope lights and tie the ends together so they resemble flowers. Since the lights generate very little heat, you can add blossoms, beads and other accents for a perfect party centerpiece.

Those with significant deck space have more decorating options for the warmer weather, but your goal should be to maximize comfort and illumination at the same time. Since bugs are always a problem, it might be a good idea to surround your area with citronella candles in order to keep those pesky insects at bay. If you have a glass patio table, try using LED rope lighting on the underside of the piece for a luminous glow that will highlight the look of your deck furniture.

Along with some clever usage of LED lighting on your deck, tiki lanterns are summer staples which never seem to go out of style. By using mounting clips and some strategically placed poles, you can hang your lanterns around the outside of your porch for a burst of color. If you're looking for less of an island feel, tulip lantern string lights could be a delightful accent to your deck, as the product contains wondrous muted lights which are encased in a flower fixture. Each strand is 17 feet in length and consumers can loop up to three sets together for full deck coverage.

Another clever idea is to use some LED rope lighting to illuminate the silhouette of your deck at night. Homeowners also shouldn't be afraid to use colored lights for different occasions. No matter the size of your deck, custom cut LED rope lighting could be the best option for a streamlined appearance. Those who don't feel confident cutting the lighting themselves may want to look into custom-made solutions, which can provide the appropriate color, length and intensity for the job at hand.

LED lighting solutions can create a memorable atmosphere for entertaining and provide added function and energy efficiency for outdoor areas. Since most LED lights have an average life span of 100,000 hours, you can be confident that your purchase will illuminate family gatherings, swinging parties and warm summer evenings year after year.  

Bathe your campsite in a warming glow

LED lighting will help illuminate your camp site. Avid campers know that when the sun goes down, a fire can only do so much to provide light for your campsite. Flood lights and lanterns can waste batteries and can often attract unwelcome insects. Next time you set up your site, rig your canopy or tent with LED rope lights for a cost-effective option that will last far longer than most other options.

If you are setting up a canopy for your campsite, rigging the outside of your awning with LED rope lights will provide illumination for your whole area. The bulbs are encased in remarkably durable heavy plastic and are highly water-resistant, making them the perfect add-on to your outdoor adventure.

LED rope lights could also be a welcome addition to the inside of a tent and can be tied easily to the top of your shelter. LED lights are also very energy efficient, so you can plug them into your car's power outlet without the worry of draining your battery.

Campers can also try LED rigid light bars, which could be perfect for a late night card game and provide some additional lighting in your sleeping area.  

Illuminate your workspace with LED lighting

An LED rigid light bar could be the perfect addition to your garage or home workshop.Everyone has a favorite place in their home to pursue a hobby whether it's an office or a workshop. These special retreats could be best served by incorporating an LED rigid light bar to cut down on your energy costs and create a warm aura of light.

A workshop is the perfect place for an LED rigid light bar and can be mounted just above your workspace for a surprising amount of illumination. If you like to build models, enjoy woodwork or simply have something to fix, having the appropriate amount of light is essential to complete the job. Instead of large florescent tubes, cut down on your energy usage and mount some LED light bars to feel comfortable and right at home.

A home office is another place that is best suited for accent lighting. LED strip lights are perfect choices for a desk and can be mounted easily on the underside of a shelf for added illumination. They are perfect accompaniments to a standard lamp perfectly and add extra light for reading and other tasks.

LED Strip lights are waterproof and contain a 3M adhesive strip that will allow users to apply the lighting to any flat surface with ease.  

LED lights can improve boating safety

LED rope lights could be a welcome safety feature for nighttime recreational boating.Recreational boaters know that cruising during the night can be a harrowing experience. Many times the only light you have is the moon and from houses on the shore. Most boating accidents take place at night, so illuminating your silhouette with LED lights could be a great safety feature.

Along with your light pole at the end of the boat and your right-of-way lights, most boaters have to make due with what they have. Use a standard DC to AC power adapter that fits into most car power outlets. This will allow you to add LED Rope lighting to the outline of your vehicle to keep other boaters aware of your presence.

LED strip lights are a welcome addition whether you're on the water or on the shore and can be hardwired directly to your boat's 12 volt power source. This product could be perfect on the underside of your engine's bay door to illuminate hard-to-reach areas and could be stowed easily in another compartment for future use.

LED lights are energy-efficient and will brighten your next boating excursion. With an average life span of 100,000 hours, you may buy a new boat before the product gives out! 

Brighten up your Fat Tuesday with LED lighting

LED rope lights will feel right at home at your Mardis Gras celebration.Mardis Gras is just around the corner and if you're throwing your very own bash, illuminating your venue with LED rope lighting could add a delightful accent. The predominant colors of Mardis Gras are purple, green and gold, so feel free to create a warm and inviting atmosphere with your decorations and charming lighting choices.

Your entryway should be a sign of things to come, so try a set of purple or gold party curtains and use LED rope lighting to adorn the doorway. Fat Tuesday is the last day of celebrations before the coming of the Lent season, so creating a vibrant food serving table is essential for your bash. Punching up a table spread is easy by incorporating LED Rope lighting around the outline of your table.

Custom-cut LED Rope lights are also a popular choice and you can loop a few of these colored strands into your party centerpiece or inside some empty glass bottles for a luminous decorative accent.

LED Rope lights are the perfect choice for your home decorating needs. The strands have an average life span of 100,000 hours for plenty of use and will be a wonderful addition to your home for future gatherings.

Punch up the look of your bar with lighting solutions

Silhouette lighting could punch up the look of your establishment. Bars should be warm and inviting places and providing the proper amount of light could bring out the best in your interior design. From LED rope lights to silhouette lighting, you can find a style to match your decorating scheme or a complete redesign of your newly illuminated establishment.

Silhouette lighting could provide a warm and decorative accent to your bar. You can even incorporate a glowing palm tree, cactus or a chili pepper cluster. This could be a great way to advertise drink specials, holiday gatherings or simply to add some flair.

LED rope lighting is a must for any bar owner, as it can drastically increase your lighting behind the bar. One idea is to mount the lighting on the underside of the counter so that your bartenders can see what they're mixing! You could also try fitting the lights on the underside of the bar where your patrons sit. When the lighting is out of view, the underside of your bar will glow, instantly morphing into an inviting atmosphere.

LED lights could save you hundreds on your utility bills. The lights will last for an average of 100,000 hours and are encased in PVC tubing for added durability.  

Planning restaurant lighting for every time of day

The right ambiance for a food establishment will keep your patrons coming back again and again.The right ambiance for a food establishment could work wonders to keep your customers coming back. Different meals require varying amounts of light, so tailor your restaurant's setup to be conducive for the time of day.

If your eatery serves breakfast, try to open up your space with as much natural light as you can to signal the coming of a new day. Your diners will want to read their morning newspaper and drink a cup of coffee, so the area should be bright and inviting. During lunchtime, try to keep a moderate amount of light to increase turnover during the lunch rush.

Dinner is the time of day where your lighting choices can be the star of your eatery. The dinner hour requires low-intensity lighting for ambiance to create an intimate atmosphere, so be sure to dim your lighting during the evening. Near the entrance of your restaurant, tie some colored LED rope lights at the ends and display them inside of a charming vase for the look of illuminated flowers.

LED strip lights, which contain a 3M adhesive strip to apply to any flat surface, could also be a welcome addition to a hostess stand.  

Highlight your decor with rope lighting

LED Rope lighting could add a warming glow to your home's interior.One of the best ways to show off your interior design strengths of your home is to accent areas with warm and inviting LED rope lighting. Whether you choose indoors or outdoors, rope lighting can illuminate your design choices and bring out the best in your decor.

LED rope lights are perfect for a child's room as they generate almost no heat and are encased in plastic tubing for added durability. Rope lights could work on bookshelves or underneath beds to give the allusion of the furniture floating, a unique style choice that is bound to make a lasting impression. You can also install a controller that features chasing light to take the room to another dimension.

This type of lighting also works beautifully in other areas of the home. A charming centerpiece idea is to take a handful of the lighting tubs of the same length and tie them together at the bottom, like a bouquet of flowers. Simply place them in a vase in order to have a luminous centerpiece for your dining room table.

LED rope lighting is extremely versatile and you can create a working strand up to 600 feet in length. 

How to reduce your electricity bill with energy-efficient bulbs

LED lights can cut down on energy costs and add a decorative accent to your home.The high cost of electricity is one of the few preventable maintenance bills that homeowners have some control over. Along with changing your lighting habits, a switch to LED light bulbs could save you hundreds on your bills due to their energy-efficiency and extensive lifespan.

First and foremost, making a mental note of your energy usage is key in lowering your costs. Turn off the lights when you leave the room and unplug appliances and computers when they are not in use.

Switching out your filament-style light bulbs with LED variations could also help your electricity bill. According to, the electricity used over the lifetime of a single incandescent bulb costs five to 10 times the original purchase of the bulb itself. LEDs are smaller, energy-efficient designs that have a broad application of uses in your home.

LED strip lights and other designs could work their way into your interior design. A LED strip light over a desk or in your favorite reading spot could cut your energy costs compared to an incandescent bulb.

LED light bulbs have an average lifetime of 100,000 hours, so you can be confident your lighting investment is a long-lasting one.