Spruce up your BBQ with accent lighting

Spruce up the look of your patio or deck with decorative lighting.Just because the cold weather is here doesn't mean your grill should be put out of commission. Accenting your deck space with LED rope lighting and other options will provide an illuminating accent to your current setup and get you ready for the spring and summer barbecue season.

If your grill is underneath an awning or on a porch, placing some LED rope lights at a safe distance above your grill could help you see better when preparing food. You can also go the extra mile and frame your deck with LED rope lights around the entirety of its outline. The glow will look spectacular during the winter and will provide the perfect party setting for the warmer weather.

Another decorative touch that could set your home up for a whole season of barbecues would be to use a set of tiki lantern light sets. These could instantly punch up the look of your outdoor patio or could add a burst of color to your next barbecue.

For a personalized touch, try custom cut LED rope lights to create the perfect amount of illumination around the home.  

Rope lighting can provide a warm, unforgettable accent for restaurants

LED lights could add a charming accent to your restaurant's decorating scheme.If you're a restaurant owner, you probably know that creating ambiance is one of the most difficult tasks when designing the layout of your eatery. Rope lighting can be the most ideal way to highlight both the exterior and interior of your restaurant in order to bring out the best in your design choices.

LED rope lighting is the perfect way to accent the walkway leading up to your restaurant or to make the entrance glow in the evening. The products also work on signage or any other exterior application. Since the bulbs are encased in PVC tubing, they are water-resistant and are durable enough to endure harsh weather.

When it comes to the interior of your establishment, rope lighting would look wonderful on a hostess stand or draped onto sculptures or bookshelves. Placing them on the underside of a stairway could also help your customers navigate through dark areas and could wind up being a charming accent to a lively atmosphere. Since LED lighting has an average life of around 100,000 hours, you can be confident your diners will be illuminated for years to come.

When decorating your establishment, try custom cut LED rope lights in order to create a warm glow that's perfect for the location.  

Icicle lights glow beautifully long after holidays

Icicle lights are a wonderful decorative accent all winter long. Even after the holiday season has passed, icicle lights placed on a home's exterior have remarkable staying power throughout the harsh winter. Whether you choose white or blue icicle lights, the illumination of your home is bound to create a stunning effect throughout the rest of the season.

When decorating the exterior of your home, try to decide how brilliant you would like your lights to be. For a simple decorative accent, go for a string of LED icicle lights in order to bring out the silhouette of your humble abode. Rig the outline of your house with icicle lights for a burst of light that will leave your neighbors green with envy.

Those who are looking for a brighter, more luminous effect may want to turn to incandescent icicle lights, a fabulous product that looks wonderful on homes all year long. Additionally, those looking to install lights outside their restaurant or business are in luck – commercial ice lights that contain weatherproof bulbs and connectors are sure to endure the winter weather.

LED rope lights could accent walkways, railings or other exterior features. They are energy-efficient and encased in PVC tubing, making them water-resistant and reliable all year long.  

Rope Lights: Home Theater Decoration

home theater lighting

Rope lights are an interesting way to give your home theater a really cool look. Some people who have the extra space in their home decide to create a home theater. Sometimes they use the family room or maybe an extra bedroom. They put the TV in, sometimes behind curtains, and they add movie seats. If you have built a home theater, then you should consider decorating it with rope lights to make it feel like a real movie theater. You can put the lights along the ceiling that can be dimmed and brightened. Birddog Lighting Inc., says that their 120 volt rope lights can be dimmed. They recommend that you make sure that your dimmer has the right wattage capability to support the lights. With these rope lights you can take the lights down at the beginning of the movie and then bring them up again at the end, just like a movie in a real movie theater. You can use clear rope lights or colored ones. You can even splice colors together for a cool effect. You can also use the rope lights to line the aisle between the seats like they do in real movie theaters. This way if someone has to get up and leave during the movie, they can see where to walk without having to turn on the rest of the lights. You should remember that when you install your lights that you need to make sure you can plug the ends into an electrical outlet so that they will work. Birddog says that rope lights are easy to install, and they recommend installing these lights with mounting clips. They say that you should use one clip for about every foot of light. Mounting clips are fairly inexpensive, so it should not cost you very much to buy them. They also say that the lights are very flexible and can bend almost 180 degrees. Nonetheless, they say that you should not make sharp bends or kinks in the rope because this can cause the lights to stop working. So if you need to make a sharp turn, you should either use a new rope or allow the rope enough room to make the turn without kinking. Once you have installed your rope lights, your home theater will be ready for its grand opening. However you decide to decorate with your rope lights, you can be sure that they will look great inside your home.

LED rope light ideas for weddings and Christmas

Merry Christmas Lights

As many of you know, LED rope lights are an excellent option for all your special occasions. From weddings to Christmas, the possibilities are as limitless as your creativity. Weddings

  1. For outdoor weddings, LED rope lights are perfect for wrapping small trees, bushes, hedges and shrubs.
  2. For outdoor weddings, LEDs can be used to decorate tables, tents and other outdoor fixtures.
  3. Can be used on the cake table. The rope light can be arranged around the cake or all around the table. This is a great way for enhancing the beauty of the cake.
  4. LED rope lights are excellent for ice sculptures. They can be arranged on the base of the sculpture or around the table. In addition to giving the sculpture a beautiful glow, they generate very little heat so you do not have to worry about the sculpture melting.
  5. Arrange LED rope lights diagonally across trellises.
  6. Enhance the appearance of the centerpiece, buffet tables and topiaries. Try to focus on soft light LEDs.


  1. Wrap your Christmas tree with mini LED rope lights. This is perfect for bringing out the best of your Christmas ornaments. Run of a few lights across the presents as well, and give the Christmas spirit a special glow.
  2. Install rope lights on the mantel and fireplace. You can either highlight the outlines or just bring about a subtle glow around the place. In addition, think about a few strings of LED lights hanging across your stockings.
  3. Spell out “Merry Christmas

Chasing Rope Lights: A Versatile Decorating Tool

Chasing rope lights are rope lights where the individual bulbs turn on and off making it look like the lights are chasing each other down the line. Chasing rope lights come in three and five wire varieties. These lights come in different voltage levels, including 120V, 24V and 12V. They also come in a huge range of colors like red, yellow, blue, green, and many more. You can have just one color or incorporate more than one in your chasing rope lights.

When you purchase chasing rope lights, the majority of them will require the use of a controller. Some of the controllers are preprogrammed, and you can usually create your own programs as well. With the controllers, you can control the intensity of the colors and the timing of the chasing. For example, some controllers can be changed to show different chasing patterns. If you have two colors, you can make one color brighter and more intense than the other. Others have the ability to coordinate the lights with music or sounds. You can also buy accessories for chasing lights, and these include connectors so that you can splice two ropes together, and end caps. In order to mount the chasing rope lights you can use mounting tracks, mounting clips, or suction cup clips. There are a number of different things you can do with chasing rope lights. They are eye-catching, and they can be used outside, so they are a great idea if you own a business. You can wrap the ropes around your business

Place a Little Bit of Whimsy in the Home with Rope Lights

Use Rope light to decorate the yard

If you do not know what rope lights are, they are LED lights encased in flexible PVC plastic tubings. The lights cannot be replaced but as they normally have a lifespan of 100,000 hours in them on average, that should not pose any problems at all. As they are in rope form and very flexible, you can buy them according to the number of meters that you need and they also come in cool colors which makes them look quite fancy. Because they are encased in PVC they are great for outdoor use and you can be pretty whimsical when you design the lights out in the patio or garden. Imagine a patio umbrella stand with a lacy design of lights in whatever color you wish, or you can intersperse the rope lights within bushes that line your driveway. As they are LED, they are cool and would not burn the leaves as the old firefly lights used to do. How about making them into different shapes which you can hang from branches in the trees out back? Imagine flicking one switch and the garden would look like a whimsical garden at night! The ideas are numerous and it is just the limitation of the imagination which could dampen all the designs that you could come up with. Imagine bringing the whimsy into the back garden similar to the whimsical designs of rope lights in amusement parks. Your young children will definitely love playing out back even when it is dark and as they are very safe and cool to the touch, you won

Rope Light Projects

If you like the idea of breitling replica watches decorating your house for the holiday season, but you do not like the idea of having to do a lot of work then using rope lights might be a good option for you. These lights are easy to work with and to install, and you can make your house the brightest and the most decorated one on the block. You can buy rope lights in a number of different colors, including popular holiday colors like red, green, and white. You can also find other colors like pink, blue, and purple. The 120 volt LED rope lights are some of the most common ones that are used. 3 wire rope lights have the option to chase, which is a cool effect for indoor and outdoor decorating. You can use the lights outside with no problem because they are weatherproof. However, you cannot use them underwater. When decorating for the holidays consider wrapping them around your window and door frames. You can also use them to outline your house by putting them on the corners of the house and along the roof line. Decorating your walkways, trees, and bushes with rope lights will also give the house a special festive look. You can wrap them around the branches and around the trunk with ease because the lights are very flexible. You can bend them almost 180 degrees, but you shouldn

Rope Light Accessories: What You Need To Know


When you are looking for the right rope lights, there are a number of different options, and the same goes for rope light accessories. Rope lights come in many different varieties. Some are steady burning lights and others are chasing rope lights. Rope lights also come in different voltages, which can affect which accessories you need. Some accessories can be used for both types of lights: steady burn and chasing. For example, you will need mounting accessories for both types. Whether you want your lights to be installed permanently or temporarily will influence what kind of mounting accessories you will need. Mounting clips are small plastic clips that hold the rope lights, and they can be hung on a wall. It is recommended that you use one clip for about every foot or so of lights. You can also use mounting track, which hold the lights in a track. You can find these tracks in a few different colors like clear, gold and silver. You can buy suction cup clips as well, which can be used to mount rope lights on glass surfaces like windows. Other accessories that you can use with all types of rope lights include rope light storage spools and rope light cutters. You can also buy a timer for your rope lights, so that they come on when you want them to, but some of these timers can only be used with specific voltages. Other accessories go with certain types of rope lights. For example, when you are looking for power cords for your rope lights, you will need to make sure you match the number of wires (two, three or five) and match the right voltage. End caps are also made to fit different rope lights. Splice connectors are used to splice two different rope lights strands together. Controllers are another rope light accessory that are made for a specific type of rope light: chasing rope lights. These controllers are used to create different light patterns with the chasing rope lights. The most important thing is to recognize all of the accessories that are out there so you can make the best use out of your lights.

Rope Lights: Decorate your Porch or Patio

Rope lights are a great way to decorate the outside and the inside of your home. For example, they look great outside on a porch or patio. There are a number of ways you can use them outside. If you do plan to use these decorative lights outside, then Birddog Lighting Inc., a company which sells rope lights, recommends that the lights are not submerged in water because water can seep into them over a period of time and cause them to stop working. However, the company does say that they are generally waterproof. So you should make sure to place them somewhere that they will not be completely submerged when it rains. They recommend that you seal the rope lights with glue or another type of sealant when you plan to use them outdoors. You can line your garden path with replica watches them so that it is easier for people to see the edges at night and so that it looks nice. You can also use them to line the edges of your porch or you can hang them under the rails. Clear rope lights give the area a classic look and produce a soft glow. The company also manufactures lights in a number of colors and you can even splice different colors together. You could use rope lights to outline the porch steps, which helps everyone see them so that no one will trip in the dark. They can also be used to outline doors and even outdoor umbrellas if you feel like it. You can also use them around your pool. It is always nice to have extra lighting around the pool for safety when you want to use it at night. Wherever you put the rope lights, you need to make sure that you have access to an outlet so that you can plug the lights in. You can also hardwire these lights, but we recommend consulting an electrician beforehand. To install the lights you use mounting clips, and you need one for every one foot or so and more in areas where you make a bend. If you have to make a sharp bend, the company recommends using a new strand of rope lights. They can bend to almost 180 degrees, but sharp kinks can damage the lights and make them stop working. Whatever it is that needs decorating inside or outside your home, you can use rope lights to add subtle but beautiful accents and ensure that your backyard is the best decorated in the neighborhood.

Rope Light Decorating Ideas

Rope lights, which are also known as tube lights and light ropes, are a great way to decorate any area, indoors or out. They come in a wide array of colors and some of breitling replica them blink or chase. First, the most well-known use of rope lights is when you decorate your house during the Christmas season. Rope lights are a great option because they are extremely flexible and can be bent up to 160 degrees. You can also use these lights for more day-to-day decorating. For example, if you have a back porch or patio you can use rope lights to line the edges, which gives the area a special look. You can also border the edges of a garden path. These lights are especially useful if you have outdoor steps because the lights will let people know where the edge is located making them safer for everyone. You can also use these lights inside. You can put them in the top of your cabinets so that you can see what is inside them or to cast charming accent lighting. It also makes them glow, which looks cool at any party. You can use rope lights to outline your stairs. This makes it much safer to go up and down them in the dark. You can even put up a section or two in the bathroom so that it is easier to see things during the night.

Do you have kids? Then these lights are a great way to create a cool atmosphere in their bedroom. You can use them on the walls or the ceiling to light the place up and make sure your child has a room like no other. If you like having a lot of color or if you like having a unique style, you should consider using rope lights in your home. Whatever your tastes, rope lights are a great way to decorate your home for everyday use or for any occasion.

LED rope lights, why they are the best option for you this Holiday season

Rope Lights at Christmas

As much of the country is still reeling from the recent economic crisis, it makes sense to make the best out of this holiday season with what we have. This does not mean that we should simply shy away from one of the most important celebrations of the year, that is why LED rope lights make the perfect decorating idea. There are a number of reasons as to why LED rope lights could help you enjoy the best of Christmas without hurting your wallet. Cost and energy efficiency: LED rope lights are well known for their energy efficiency, with an average lifetime of 100,000 hours. This means that you could use the LED rope lights you buy this holiday season, for many more years to come and for a variety of other uses as well. Also, LED rope lights are much cheaper than other elaborate lighting ideas, combine this with the nearly zero maintenance costs, and you have one of the cheapest decorating ideas on the market. Colors:

Rope lights: fire hazard

Fire Safety and Rope Lights

Rope lights are fantastic for use in virtually every environment but they are not immune to natural forces, especially if they are not maintained properly. The advantages of LED rope lights are universal: an average of 80,000 lighting hours, a relatively low cost, high durability and extreme energy efficiency. Rope lights come in a PVC cover (durability and flexibility depends on the thickness of the cover) that is available and waterproof and non-waterproof variants. One of the most important factors, especially if you are planning to use the rope lights in an outdoor environment is the power source. If you are using LED rope lights in an outdoor environment with high levels of humidity then there is a higher chance of the rope light becoming a fire risk over a long period of time. For example, if you are using LED rope lights on your boat and you happen to notice that the plastic of your LED rope light seems to be burnt or if the wiring is coated with green rust, then you should immediately change your rope lights. The green rust would be the result of high humidity of the environment. In general, electrical systems can become highly susceptible to corrosion due to poor grounding. Fortunately, most modern LED rope lights are now fitted with more secure power outlets and wiring. If you are afraid of using your outdoor power outlet then you can opt for a solar panel to power up your LED lights and make it independent from the main power system. However, this usually works only in specific circumstances. When you buy your LED rope lights, try going for the waterproof variant since this would offer better protection against humidity. Most importantly, nothing beats a manual check up every few months. Always check the wiring of your LED rope lights and replace them if necessary. You can confidently use your rope lights for years depending on the circumstances but it is better to be safe than sorry.

Rope Light Decorating Ideas for Cabinets

LED Under Cabinet Lights

The different things you can do with rope lights are seemingly endless, and even your cabinets are a great place to use rope lights. There are two different ways you can use rope lights to decorate your cabinets. The first way is to put rope lights along the tops of the cabinets. This creates a soft glow on the walls behind the cabinets. Most people use white rope lights for this project, but other soft colors work as well or any color that compliments the color of your walls. Yellow and blue can work well for this too. You can also use chasing lights, if you want something interesting for your parties. These kind of lights would look really cool on the cabinets in your pool house or apartment for example. In order to mount these lights you will need mounting clips and a drill. When mounting the lights, you will need one mounting clip for around every foot of lights. You should also remember that rope lights cannot make sharp turns, and though they can bend to almost 180 degrees, they cannot be kinked. Have you ever thought that you just don