LED Rope Light – What You Need to Consider Before You Buy

LED Rope Light – What You Need to Consider Before You Buy
By Harrison Brooks

An LED rope light can add versatile and colorful light to your backyard, holiday decorations, home interior, or any other area that you want to bring a splash of color to. Rope lights have tiny lights, spaced at regular intervals, encased in plastic tubing. They are durable and suitable for uk replica watches both indoor and outdoor use.

If you are thinking of buying a rope light or several, you should consider a couple of things before you buy. This will help ensure that you get just what you need for the space you’re going to put the lights in.


You should make sure that you plot out the length of rope light that you’ll need for your space. Some individuals prefer to buy shorter segments that can be connected to each other. Others buy bulk stools of rope lights and cut and slice the rope lights together to create a customized length. You should also keep in mind that smaller diameter ropes have greater flexibility than those with a larger diameter.

Wire Count:

Rope lights can have a different number of wires that connect the bulbs to each other. A rope that has two wires will operate all bulbs in unison, with all bulbs dimming or flashing at the same time. Ropes that contain 3 or more wires can have a chase or other special effect because the bulbs can operate at different times and intervals. You’ll also want to purchase an external controller if you want to create dramatic special effects.


You can find both regular and LED rope lights available. Although LED lights cost more up front, they use far less electricity and the bulbs will last many times longer than those in regular rope lights. LED rope lights will also be cooler to the touch, making them safer to use in more areas. They also tend to last longer than regular rope lights, so although you’ll be spending more in the beginning, you’ll ultimately be saving money on your electricity and you won’t need to replace them as often.

An LED rope light is the perfect solution if you want to add some fun special effects or colorful lighting to your home or business. Remember to plan your rope light scheme out to make sure that you have the length and special effect ability that you want. Also keep in mind that LED offers a number of advantages to regular rope lights although you may pay a bit more in the beginning.

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LED Rope Lights — The Green Choice

Whether you want to save the environment or save money, LED’s are the choice of the future.

LED rope lights are advancing by leaps and bounds. Soon you may see the light emitting diode pass up the inefficient incandescent light in our every day use. One example of the upcoming phenomenon is in the rope light industry. LED Rope lighting, or mini LED’s encased in flexible PVC, are fast becoming the accent lighting of choice by business owners and home owners alike.

This is no surprise as LED’s currently beat out incandescent bulbs on every aspect of the spectrum except price. With recent developments in the manufacturing of LED, even the replica watches price spread is closing in.

LED’s are incredibly more efficient, last longer, hold up better, produce little heat, and provide longer runs on a single cord.

Combine these benefits with the versatility of rope lights and you have yourself the ultimate light of the future.

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Rope Light Rush For The Holiday Season

Rope Lights For The Holiday SeasonRope lights (miniature bulbs encased in flexible PVC tuning) become more an more popular every year. This holiday season, in the US alone, expect to see more than 5 million linear feet of rope lights get plastered to houses, businesses, landscaping, and everything in between.

What’s the fascination with this product? Simply put–it’s neat. Not only that, but it’s affordable, extremely customizable, and fairly simple for the cartier replica average person or do-it-yourselfer to install.

Rope lighting is available in a rainbow of colors, sizes, and shapes. The most popular style is 1/2″ diameter 2-wire 120 volt. Most companies sell them on rolls of 150′ for around $90.

Some rope lights, called chasing rope lights, have more than one circuit. By using a chasing controller (around $50) you can make your rope lights appear to move or chase down the length of the run. This option affords a visual vacation from the usual “always on” lights and adds a little flavor to the ordinary decorating lineup.

Whatever your needs are this holiday season, be sure to consider rope lights for your home or business. You won’t be sorry–and, you wont be alone.

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