Rope Light Decorating Ideas

Rope lights, which are also known as tube lights and light ropes, are a great way to decorate any area, indoors or out. They come in a wide array of colors and some of breitling replica them blink or chase. First, the most well-known use of rope lights is when you decorate your house during the Christmas season.…

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Rope lights: fire hazard


Fire Safety and Rope Lights

Rope lights are known for their flexibility and ability to adapt to nearly any situation, but like any lighting product, they can pose a potential fire hazard if they’re not used or maintained properly. Knowing what the risk is an dhow to minimize that risk is important for anyone that’s thinking about bringing rope lights into their home.…

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Rope lights in Christmas

holiday rope light

Christmas is only a few months away and it is about time you started thinking about your decoration options. If you do not already use LED rope lights then this festive season, you must give it a try. LED rope lights are perfect for the festive season because they offer users an unparalleled advantage in terms of time, cost and value.…

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Lighting up your backyard with LED rope lights

Use Rope Lighting in the yard

It is well known that LED rope lights are perfect for outdoor use because they are generally waterproof, flexible, durable, highly energy efficient and very environmentally friendly. The average lighting hours of an LED rope light could reach 20,000 hours. Add the fact that you can hook up your LED rope lights to a solar panel and make it 100% energy efficient, and you have the perfect lighting tool for any situation.…

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Rope lights go solar

Solar Rope Lights

Solar power is a limitless source of energy and LED rope lights are one of the most efficient lighting options available. Now with the right tools you can configure your LED rope lights to run on solar power. LEDs require very little power and have an average lifespan of 100,000 lighting hours as opposed to incandescent rope lights which are rated up to 35,000 hours.…

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LED rope lights: splicing rope lights

Splice your rope lights

Rope lights are one of the finest lighting options of the 21st century. LED rope lights are flexible, durable and have an average lifespan around 100,000 lighting hours. However, one of the best things about LED rope lights is splicing. This will allow you to use different colors in one stretch, replace specific defunct sections, or extend the length of your rope light.…

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