Replace your old desk light with an LED rigid light bar

LED rigid light bars are a great alternative to a humdrum desk lamp.A desk lamp is an essential appliance that will illuminate your work space and help you work long into the night on your project. Unfortunately, if you use a typical incandescent light bulb, you may just burn your hand if you touch the light after prolonged use, and your desk could become rather warm. LED rigid light bars take the negatives out of having a desk light by providing a cool, warm light that generates very little heat.

LED rigid light bars are durable lighting fixtures that are encased in aluminum and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The device can be mounted using adjustable hinged metal brackets that are easy to install anywhere. Alternatively, consumers have the option of using the attached 3M adhesive strip that will attach to any flat surface.

The light bars come in varying levels of intensity to suit the needs of the customer – single-chip , tri-chip and high-intensity. Each bar has different amounts of lights of different strengths, so be sure to inspect each product to suit your home illumination needs.

According to, LED lighting can save up to 85 percent of the energy used by incandescent bulbs.  

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