Seattle tests LED lighting

Seattle, Washington, is planning on making the switch to LED lighting – as long as everything goes well during a three-day test run of the energy-efficient technology, reports LEDs Magazine.

Seattle's Ballard neighborhood is testing four kinds of solid-state LED lights, in conjunction with the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, Clanton & Associates and the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance. The goal of the tests is to discover which kind of lighting makes it easiest for drivers to spot objects and pedestrians at night.

"These tests will illustrate how LED streetlights use far less energy while maintaining safety and better vision for Seattle residents," Edward Smalley, director of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Municipal Solid-State Street Lighting Consortium, told the news source.

LED lighting is perfect for outdoors projects like the one on Seattle's roads – as well as those in your own backyard. If you need a little extra illumination by the garage or the front door, LED rope lights could be the right solution for you. These energy-efficient, cost-effective and incredibly durable lights can shed a cool, natural glow over any area that needs a little extra illumination.

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