Solar Lighting- let the sun be your light

solar lighting- daylighting

With all this hype around solar panels and alternative energy, I thought I’d write a quick but informative blogpost on the connection between the beginning and future of cartier replica solar lighting. If you think about it for a minute, the concept of solar lighting is kind of an oxymoron. Solar (or the sun) is and has always has been our main source of light, however in our artificially lit world it’s easy to forget that. As you read this post think of the ways we can better use sunlight during the day and how can we harness its energy for light at night.

Daylighting- The Original Solar Lighting

A quick and dirty definition of daylighting would be the use of windows and reflective surfaces to direct sunlight into a structure for indoor lighting needs. It’s actually something we’ve been doing since humans started building shelters. We put windows on them to let in light during the day. Simple enough, but well-designed homes and buildings put a lot of thought into how sun’s light will enter into the hublot replica structure. If daylighting is done right, it not only brings in lighting to accomplish your daily tasks, but improves our well-being, and adds to the architectural art of a building. A TEDtalk done a few years ago by lighting designer Rogier van der Heide really outlines the secondary benefits for daylighting. A main topic of Rogier’s talk emphasizes how bringing the sun’s light into our buildings enhances the quality of our lives.

Photovoltaic Lighting- Alternative Electric Lighting

In the absence of sunlight in our homes we turn to artificial lighting. We reap many benefits of having light when there is none, but one of the biggest drawbacks of artificial light is the amount of energy it consumes. Artificial lighting took up more than 10% of U.S. energy in 2014, which is 412 billion kilowatt hours. That is a significant cost both financially and environmentally when we think of the amount of fossil fuels used in the production of energy. There are ways to reduce the cost of artificial lighting and photovoltaic energy (solar panels). Pairing energy saving practices along with LED lighting make a significant impact. Photovoltaics is simply turning the sun’s energy into wattage and storing it into a battery. We can use that energy later for lighting or other power uses. When it comes to PV solar lighting you are probably more familiar with its outdoor uses, but many homes and buildings are beginning to take advantage of technology advances in PV solar panels and LED lights. Because LED lights consume less energy, last longer, and typically have a higher quality of light, it is has become the natural choice to use LEDs in a home or business using solar panels for energy. With the combined use of PV solar panels and LED lights we can almost eliminate lighting costs and come closer mimicking the benefits of natural sunlight. Solar lighting

Using Solar Lighting Day and Night

By now I hope you can see an ideal experience when it comes to solar lighting. Take advantage of the day’s light through daylighting techniques. Use PV solar panels and other alternative energy sources. Finally combine the use of hermes replica alternative energy sources with LED lighting technology. Voilà, you have officially used solar lighting to its fullest potential!

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