led rope lights

Using a Motion Sensor with Your LED Rope Lights

Perhaps you’ve had your LED rope lights for a while. You love that they’re brighter, conserve more energy, and are safer to have in the house.

However, as with all lighting fixtures, proper placement of your lights can be tricky.

We offer one easy, hassle-free solution to finding the perfect spot for your LED rope lights: motion sensors.

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Using LED Light Strips Behind Your Television

Have you ever sat down to enjoy your favorite TV show and then felt a headache coming on after just a few minutes? That’s probably from eyestrain. The contrast between your bright television screen and the darkened room around it can put strain on your eyes, causing headaches, difficulty seeing and other problems.…

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LED Troubleshooting

Wiring mistakes and polarity issues are some of the most common of all LED lighting issues. Typically if your LED lights simply “don’t work” it is not because the products are defective but due to a basic wiring mistake or an error in aligning the polarity.…

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New Years Resolution #5: Try New Things

new-years-resolutions Sometimes it is easy to become stagnant in our daily activities. Diversify your ways through trying new things such as switching your light bulbs to LED light bulbs. There are many benefits as to why you should switch today. The light bulb has changed over the course of the years and is continually upgrading its technology.…

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LED Vase lights: The Perfect Lighting Centerpiece for a Wedding or Event

The RGB color changing LED Vase Light can spruce up the atmosphere of your wedding or event. The flat bottom base allows it to be placed perfectly on any even surface, such as the middle of the table. Decorating can sometimes be a hassle and a time consumer.The vase light provides a bright LED light that shines beautifully through crystal or glass, and allow decorators to easily add those finishing touches to the event.…

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LED is in the Fasion Industry Now!

degen-rainbow-2 Lights, Camera, Action! Supermodels strut their style along the streets of New York City, and this year they wore lights. LED lights aren’t just for decorating and lighting the home, they are meant to be creatively worn too! Clothing accessories such as heels, purses and earrings all have the capability to be integrated with LED technology.…

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Illuminating Palm Trees with LED Rope Lights

palm tree pictureMake your Palm Trees light up and look great all year round with LED Rope Lights. Use a clear or Warm White rope light for a more inviting, relaxing feel or choose a different color for holidays, celebrations, or moods.   Choose a color that affects your mood,”If you want to use some color, green, red, or multi-color are all good choices for traditional Christmas holiday displays.…

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