Using LED Light Strips Behind Your Television

Have you ever sat down to enjoy your favorite TV show and then felt a headache coming on after just a few minutes? That’s probably from eyestrain. The contrast between your bright television screen and the darkened room around it can put strain on your eyes, causing headaches, difficulty seeing and other problems. Fortunately, this is one problem with an easy solution. Using LED light strips behind your television can help improve your vision and reduce eyestrain.


The Screen Light Problem

The human eye is a complex structure. When you look at something, the pupils in your eyes dilate to regulate the amount of light entering the eye. In low-light situations, pupils dilate to let more light in. In bright lights, the pupils contract, reducing the amount of light that gets in. Problems arise when you look at an artificial light source like the screen on a TV. A backlit screen puts out a large amount of light, which contrasts against the surrounding area. This causes the pupils of your eyes to constantly dilate and contract, resulting in eye fatigue and eyestrain.


LED Light Strips and Bias Lighting

Eye strain while watching television can be combated with LED light strips and bias lighting. By adding ambient light behind the TV, you’ll reduce the amount of times your pupils dilate and contract, resulting in a more pleasurable TV watching experience. Bias lighting can also improve the perfection of colors and contrast.

Professional bias lighting kits are expensive, but you can create your own bias lighting with LED light strips from Birddog Lighting. Simply outline your TV on the wall with masking tape, take it down, and install strip lights within the tape outline. We recommend using a soft white LED light for the best TV viewing experience.

For a few dollars and a few hours of your time you can make your TV watching experience more enjoyable. Reduce eyestrain, improve color perception and create a cool ambiance with just a couple hours of your time and minimal supplies. Shop for warm white LED strip lights today to get started on your DIY bias lighting project.

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